Tuesday, January 10, 2012

It’s Time……….

To post my UFO list for 2012 because I have joined the folk at Sew It's Finished.


Tucked away in these boxes are some of them.

These are the ones from last years list……………..

1.Postage stamp Quilt.

Postage Stamp Quilt 2011

2.Brutus Blocks to be put together.

Brutus Blocks 2011

and of course my QAYG blocks are an on going project.

QAYG Blocks 2011      Done.

New to the list………………..

3-4.Christmas Sew-A-Long Stitchery's  2 to complete.  Done.

Christmas stitchery swag

5.Henrietta Quilt,  need to finishing quilting.  Done

Henrietta quilt

6-10.Lynette Anderson’s Fun Christmas Blocks. 5 to complete.

Christmas Fun. Lynette anderson

11.Pat’s Placemats. Just need binding.  Done..

Pat's Placemats

13.Christmas Elves Stitchery.

Christmas Elves

14.Cat Quilt. Just need to find the Book with the pattern in.

Cat quilt

15.My STAR  Quilt-A-Long flimsy needs sandwiching and quilting.

Quilt-a-Long Stars

16.The left over blocks . I will put them together for a baby quilt.

Star quilt-a-long   Done........ May 2012 Finish

17. and then in one of the boxes I found this Mystery Project.


Will be fun to work out what I was making. LOL

18-24. Oh no nearly forgot my Quilt Aid Blocks from last years list. Have done 5 so there are 7 still to do.

Quilt aid Blocks 2011

I am sure there are more tucked away somewhere but if I can get some of these done I will be Happy.


  1. Well you have a lot less than I have. Stop complaining and carry on quilting!

  2. Happy New Year Maria! Looks like it will be a busy one. I have faith you will get a lot done! You are good at finishing!!
    Lovely projects you have to work on!

  3. Yep, I think that should keep you busy for awhile! I'm glad to know I'm not the only person with a 'mystery' project in the pile. LOL! Must get off computer and go sew now.

  4. I don't even want to think about how many UFO's i have ugh! Last year's goal was to finish them up - still going......

  5. It looks like you have alot of wonderful projects to complete. I do too and will as soon as I get some of my painting projects done.

  6. That doesn't sound too bad to me. Good luck.

  7. lots of lovely projects there!
    Which one will you start with?

  8. Boy some great projects there, this lot will keep you busy Maria,plus through in a few swaps,lol.xx

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  10. hahahahahahaha love it... I to must add to my list xxx

  11. Hey Maria. The way you work you will have all of these finished by March! lol

  12. So many beautiful projects on the go. I think you should put Henrietta and Catnip at the top of the list :D

  13. Awesome projects Maria and a good long list too.... it works out to one project every 2 or 3 weeks!! (CatNip is Homespun 12.1 if that is the one you are looking for - I just happened to look through it last week)

  14. I have so many UFOs that I am too embarassed to list them in my guild's challenge. I only list about 30 or so.......

    glen: but I already have two of them done, does that count? LOL

  15. That's an achievable list;o) I probably have a few more than that... I am trying to find my list from last year... it's hiding somewhere probably in shame as I didn't tick many off it Lol
    Oh and I love that star quilt... very bright and happy!

  16. he he he he he he I found a lot of ufo while cleaning out my sewing room before painting, good luck with all of your ufo jinnie no snow yet

  17. OMG Maria... good luck but I know you'll get thru them ALL... you are so enthusiastic! ALl the projects look great too! :)

  18. Good luck, Maria. It looks like that is a full list!

  19. Lots of gorgeous projects to work on this year ,wow it should be fun seeing these be completed.

  20. You can easily do those this year, Maria!! Hope to it, girl!!

  21. What Lovely projects to work on! I think maybe the secret is to enjoy each one as you work on it. To me - the hard part is DECIDING on what to work on - you already have that conquered- now is time to enjoy and lose yourself in the project and let its magic go to work with your creativity. IF I were a project in one of those boxes I would be so thrilled that I had you to finish create me and bring me to life! : )

  22. You have a lovely lot of projects, you will be able to decide what you feel like working on each day!

  23. Looks like lots of fun things coming out to see the light in your sewing room. Have fun making progress on this lot and the new ones you are working on.

  24. Maria there are so many lovely
    projects you have to work on ,
    I`m sure , it will be a very busy year ;o)))

    Happy Quilting !


  25. Maria, you are in good company!! I went through mine yesterday!!

  26. I noticed the Quilt Aid blocks in your list...I'd forgotten about them! So far have done 0! I definitely don't need to buy anything new this year other than the odd bit of wadding and quilting thread :-/

  27. Lovely projects, it will feel good to get some finished. I like your pretty project boxes too.


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