Saturday, January 21, 2012

Last night it was the first Friday Night Sew In of the year.  

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I decided to work on my Postage Stamp but as I was sewing & sewing & sewing I thought “ WHY DID I EVER START THIS THING”


Worked on it for hours and this is all I achieved. Lots of 1 1/2" strips sewn together.Here’s me thinking I would have done a few blocks. LOL.


Decided to put it aside and get on with building a few houses. At least they are quick……………………

Maybe next month I will work on a smaller project.
How did you all go ?????????????

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  1. Oh Maria... I'm sure you'll be happy once it gets done... so stick with it. As you said break it up sometimes with smaller projects you can finish.
    Great FNSI after all! :)

  2. Yes, you're going to be so excited and happy when it's finished! i just made a couple of 6" postage stamp blocks, and I couldn't believe how long they took! Love your houses. How many do you plan to make?

  3. O Maria,
    You certainly are a very brave soul! But, I totally adore the work you have completed on Both of your projects. I CANNOT BELIEVE how lovely you make those little tiny blocks behave!!!!!!!!!! And the little houses are SO cute!

    Maybe you can reward yourself by going for a swim!

  4. awesome projects Maria,your house blocks are so cute,well done.xx

  5. 1 1/2 inches - that is painful! but will be gorgeous once it is done!!! And i still do love those houses!

  6. Maybe you could try doing your postage stamp quilt as a leader/enders project that way you can work on something a little more exciting but still be making progress on it... just a thought :O)
    Those houses are cute...

  7. Great work Mum!
    Love your little house are you basing them on anyones??
    Love Sandra

  8. I can understand your frustration with sewing all those strips but it really will be worth all that work ,it is looking great. How are you making your houses ,PP?

  9. I have a postage stamp quilt on my list but you are making me reconsider! Love your houses, always. I made one little pillowcase last night, LOL but I had sewn all day

  10. It is a huge project. They are so pretty when finished, but do take alot of time to make.

    Home construction looks like a better idea. ;-)

  11. Hi Maria! I love postage stamp quilts, but I can only imagine how tedious it is to make one! The little houses are adorable....lots of those under construction around blogland! :o)

    Hope you're having a great weekend!



  12. Maria ,
    love your new project and your little houses are very cute .


  13. I love the houses! I am planning a house wall quilt to work on this summer. The postage stamp blocks are pretty, but I am reasonably sure working on them would drive me insane. Have a lovely weekend!

  14. Now I see what you mean about all the work involved... it will be so worth it though... so often the 'prep' work takes long though... awesome houses

  15. Wow, your postage stamp quilt will be beautiful I'm sure, but that looks like a huge lot of work! I'm loving your house blocks. They seem like just the right thing to sew for some instant gratification after sewing all of those strips. :o)

  16. Your houses are lovely !! I wish you good luck for your huge project !!
    I love your suit bathes decoration !!

  17. Postage stamp quilts are a lot of work, but they are so wonderful once completed. I work on mine as a leader ender and sometimes I put in an hour or so on it at a time. It is definitely a multi-year project! Your houses are cute!


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