Wednesday, February 26, 2014

My OPAM Finishes for February..and a Clean Cave…

I have been busy this month with family sew only a few finishes ..

I can now show you the Table Runner I made  for my friend Ellyn's B/D last month.

Ellyn's Table Runner 2014

This Mickey & Minnie Panel has been tucked away in a plastic box at Patch for years. I took it home sandwiched it with some Polar Fleece and did a big Stipple all over.



Now it’s ready to join the other community quilts our members have made to give to folk when they need some cheer ……

and I finished two little Christmas gifts to pop into my Christmas box…



thanks to Kris and Peg for keeping us on track each month with OPAM….How did you go this month??

Oh !!! Had to show you the Cave after my big clean up.. I can actually see the cutting table..


Hugz  Maria

Saturday, February 22, 2014

Busy FNSI..and a Fun Day

I got an early start on Friday afternoon making binding


for a project I had to make out of an ugly FQ for a Swap…


Pleased with the end result but fiddley to put together sew when I need a new pot mitt I think I will just buy one..


Next I needed to take up a new pair of my pants for tomorrow’s outing….


then added another row to  "Goodnight Irene"  which I’m sewing along with Terry and Friends

5 in a row

Today was our Patchwork Groups Friendship day and we had a wonderful time thanks to our fabulous host Geoff and hostess Alison.  As well as

Great company,



  Lots of delicious food,



“ LOL  most of these and others disappeared before I got a photo…”

wonderful views from the deck as we ate our lunch...


and lots of laughs playing games.  Sorry NO pics of this...  

Sew ladies I haven’t had a chance to visit the FNSI  folk  but will visit you tomorrow..  Big thank you to WENDY for getting us organised again this month… 


Hugz  Maria   

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

A Challenge, New Toy, QS Sampler and FNSI

Last week DH and I made a quick trip to the Big Smoke and while I was there my DD gave me a nice tin of shortbread biscuits.. I didn’t realise there was a catch to this gift…

See it is a Postage Stamp Tin sew DD has challenged me to put together a “Postage Stamp “ quilt. She thought the tin would be a good place to put the tiny 1 1/2” squares…. BUT


she didn’t know that I had started a Postage Stamp many years ago sew I have a start………. LOL

I also bought myself a New Toy. Sew have had to find a home for  “BABY” to live..


She only weighs 5 1/2 kg sew easy to pack in the car when I go sewing…. Love it..


Finished my second Quilty Stitches Sampler cross stitch.


I am enjoying sewing these little blocks..

Oh !!!!!!!  Don’t forget to pop over to Wendy's Blog to sign up for FNSI this week..


Goodnight  Hugz  Maria

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Look what Arrived in the Post….

My lovely Initial Valentine parcel from Christine…..Organised by the  Swap Mum Cheryll.



Christine spoil me with her beautiful Heart and a wee notebook tucked inside and my favourite Lindt White Choccies… ( all gone of course )……..

and this is what I sent to Christine..

Valentine Intial Swap 2014 (1)

Valentine Intial Swap 2014 (2)

No Choccies as it has been sew hot they would have just melted…. Sorry !!!!
A big thank you to both ladies…

have to rush as it is time to get dressed for Zumba….

Bye Maria

Saturday, February 8, 2014

For FnwFs

I was really organised and was busy working on some secret sewing that needs to be put in the post  Monday………..


When the power went out. It was 6.30pm and now it is 12 pm Saturday and still no power…


Hope it goes back on by this evening sew I can join the others in the Northern Hemisphere for some machine sewing…

I am enjoying some cross stitching today and will pop over


 and visit some ladies over HERE who joined us for FnwFs. while I still have power on the laptop.  Thanks Cheryll for organising us again this month..

Hugz  Maria

Friday, February 7, 2014

Goodnight Irene and FnwFs

I just don’t feel like sewing much lately but I have managed to do another row of Goodnight Irene with Terry and friends…


Hope to get organised tomorrow as I signed up for FnwFs.


Maybe sewing along with Cheryll and Friends will get me motivated….  If you haven't  signed up yet do pop over HERE to join in.

Oh it’s getting late sew must get to bed….

Goodnight  Maria