Sunday, October 31, 2010

OPAM finishes

It was a busy time this month with our quilt hanging so I only managed a few finishes.  

Sebastian's Quilt

My Christmas Angel
 Candle Mat for swap

Table Runner and coasters for my Secret Santa Swap.

and a top for Cat's special kids.

I was hoping to finish another baby quilt but things just did not work out this weekend. Check previous post.

A day to Remember.

Yesterday started like any other. I went for a beautiful walk along the beach with my friends. Came home got my brekkie and sat down at the computer. After reading a few e-mails and blogs this pop up appeared. I pressed delete and it returned. I did this several times and it would not go. GRRRRR!! Turned off the computer and went back later. Turned it on and guess what!!!  It was back and now I also had a shortcut icon that said "Smart Engine". It seems this is a virus and now my computer has to go to the doctor to be fixed.
DH has given me a Laptop for my B/Day so it is a good time to learn how to use it.

I went into my cave to sew and then I did this. Stitched the blocks together the wrong way.
After some reverse sewing I stitched the blocks together . I could not believe I had made the some mistake AGAIN. I was hoping to get this done and post for OPAM.

I was pleased that I had to go out. Sue and I were to meet for lunch and then a show in our local hall with The Autumn Centre Group. Had a good laugh and an enjoyable afternoon. 
As we were leaving the hall I could see smoke in the distance. Driving closer to home I realised it was 
in our street and close to our house.

Our gate on the right.

This morning it is still smoldering . DH has just returned to take the firefighting tanker out again as it has flared up. As I look out the door there is a lot of black smoke.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Look what come in the mail Today!!

 A parcel and along with my mag.
The parcel was from my blogging friend Ellyn. I hurried home to see what was inside.

I just love the felt Xmas decoration, and under the card and tissue paper is
two beautiful tea towels with a matching crochet wash cloth. All too gorgeous to use. AND under these is
A tote to use when I go to my Xmas outings. How lucky I am I !! BUT under all these goodies I found the cutest thing that Ellyn made.
A bib for my great grandbaby to wear for his/her first Xmas.
Thank you Ellyn.
What fun it has been swapping with you and it was really great that we both received our parcels on the some day.

Monday, October 25, 2010

Catching up.

Over the weekend I have been catching up on small jobs I put aside while doing things for the hanging.

Put the labels on the Camp Quality Quilts and the “Who let the Dogs Out” one.



Also made a banner for my “ Spikey “ owl ready for our retreat in November.


Organised my Swap parcel to
 go in the post.


and stitched a quilt top for Cat.


Now to work on my block swap and Secret Santa.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Getting Closer !!!

When I opened the bedroom  curtains this morning I was surprised to see this ??

Bedroom on the right and sewing room left.

 Those wabbits are getting awfully close !!!!
Best they dig their burrows elsewhere on the block.

Saturday, October 16, 2010


Last night I only made a small project but it took ALL evening to complete.

After stitching her together it was time to turn her inside out.  


Arms stuffed. Now to do the body and stitch the arms on.

Nice dress, next shoes, undies and of course wings.

Now for some hair and a halo!

OH !! Don't forget the face.

My Little 8" Xmas Angel.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Quilt Hanging Part 3

DD2 and I were up at 5.30am on Sunday.After a quick cuppa it was off to hang the quilts and do the last minute touch ups on the displays.

On the drive to the Priory I was a little concerned at the black sky and the pretty rainbow!!!

           The quilts are all on the hangers .                         
So now the men will help us put the rest on ropes strung across from one balcony to another.

I see someone is having a coffee break. :)

There are some vintage cars for the men and markets for everyone.
The Blue and White Quilt in the background and the Butterfly one next to it are our raffle quilts.

So many Quilts and so many people.

Even my friends The Red Hatters came for a visit.

Awesome Xmas display.

Tiny "Lilliput"
Kid's display.

There were lots of bags and a cross stitch display and sooooooooo much more but the battery in my camera went flat. :(
To see many more lovely photos pop over to

P.S. We did have a few showers but for the rest of the time it was just perfect.

Quilt Hanging Part 2

On Saturday DD2 and I went for a beautiful walk along the beach. Then after coffee and a nice lunch it was off to the Priory Hotel to set things up for tomorrows BIG day.

There were busy people everywhere.
Setting up their displays and putting up the hangers.

and down on the lawn marking out where the 30 stall holders will go .
We are done for the day.
It's home now for some and rest.
See you all in the morning at 6am.