Wednesday, September 29, 2010


Finally I am able to do this post. For some reason every time I went to do it a little doovy thing just keep spinning round and it would not open. GRRRRRRRRRRRRR.

Okay here I go. Firstly I have made another little gift for Judith's EBCC . It was the last project I could do for this challenge as it is now finished.Thank you Judith . I now have some lovely gifts tucked away in my Xmas Box.   

A Hoot of a Keyring Holder.

Now for my September OPAM finishes.
After sewing all afternoon have finally finished "Who Let the Dogs Out"
Made this quilt in memory of our Furry friend Roxy.

Don't know why but the photo is not good .
When I went to take more of course the battery is flat. :(
Ah!!! is anyone watching ?? I'll just sneek out of this gate!

PHEW!!!   Only 11 sleeps to the Hanging.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Finishes !!!!

In the last post I said I was busy. Can finally show you some of the projects I have been working on.
When I went into my boxes that have my UFO'S in I found some huge BUGS.

                                               This is what I did with them!!

   Covers for the posts to section off the displays at our quilt hanging.                                         

And Taa Daa !!!!
The Sudoku Quilt.

Can you see the numbers??
That is what took me so long to do.

This is a finish for Judith's Early Bird Christmas Crafting challenge. A nice bright quilt  to go on someone's outdoor setting.

Monday, September 20, 2010


I have been busy this weekend sewing.
One of my blogging friends from New Zealand               
is organising Quilts to be made for the

"Kids of Christchurch" So I found some blocks and have put them together.

Pop over and read all about it.                    

Will show you the other projects later in the week.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Friday Night Sew In

Yep!!! It's Friday Night Sew In again and I have been working on my "Baby Bargello"
After completing the "Autumn Waves" I thought I would never do a bargello again.
Then I saw this one and thought it would be perfect for my great grand baby arriving in Nov.

What do you think?

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Have you any?

Have you any orphan blocks you would like to donate to Lizzie ?? She has a dear friend who is very ill and she would love to make her a quilt in a hurry. Click on the link on my side bar and read all about it.

                                                                                  Thank You.

This and That.

There were some squishy's and a wee parcel in my mail box yesterday. 

I recieved a siggy block from The Netherlands

My swap block from Teena.

Look what was in my wee parcel.

  AND inside the tiny white parcel. 

The most gorgeous brooch.
This was a gift from  Judith who is running the Earlybird Christmas Crafting Challenge.
Thank you Judith.
Oh!! Almost forgot (it's getting late or should I say early). I have finished a xmas gift too for the challenge.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Fun Day !!!

Today our little group of Red Hatters ( Dongara Dizzy Dames) went into Geraldton. We met up with the Crimson Butterfly's for lunch and then Ten Pin Bowls.

First we had a coffee and a chat.
Then off to lunch.

Can you see the view we have??
Click on photo to enlarge.

After lunch we asked the chef to take our photo.
Oh No!! We missed one of  the ladies.

She had gone to you know were!!!
Chef hurrying her up. LOL. After more photos we go to the bowls venue.

Let's get the teams typed in.
We all choose our balls.
Do you think she is pleased with her shoot ?

Time for an ice cream and one last photo.
Thank you ladies for such a fun day. Lots chatting ,eating and some bowling.
We must do that again  !!!

Saturday, September 4, 2010

The Bargello Journey ( Lots of Photos)

About two years ago my DD2 and I went shopping to buy fabric for me to make her a "Bargello"

DD2 returned home to Perth and I washed and ironed the fabric.

There it stayed till Jan this year when I finally started the journey to make "The Bargello"

Firstly arranging the fabrics, taking photos and e-mailing DD2 to improve the selection.

All the 20 fabrics ready to sew together.                           

Now cut sewn sections into the right size strips

Lets get started.            
               First eight rows.

10 more rows to go.
Another 5 and then stitch it all together.

All the stripes sewn to and now ready for the borders.

WOW !! It's big.
I have always done my own quilting but as it this one is so big I decided to sent it off to the professional quilter.

I am delighted with the way Lesley Finch has done the quilting.
All finished. Sat at the chapel room today with my sewing friends and hand stitched the binding.
I have called this quilt
"Autumn Waves"

Oh I like it on my bed too. Be careful DD2!!!!!

Thursday, September 2, 2010

A Day Out / Ins and Outs.

Today I went to Geraldton to have lunch with my DD1, GD1 and my friend. It was a lovely drive into town. The canola is looking very pretty.    

Sorry the photo is blurry, just clicked through my window.
On the way I dropped off a couple of quilts to a lady. Look at the beautiful view as I drove away from her home.

I picked my "Bargello" from the quilters and then did some much needed shopping

before going to lunch with my lovely girls.
Had a great day and on the way home when I had to stop for some road work I saw a gorgeous rainbow. Actually there were two.

This week I have recieved a lovely giveaway from Stephanie of Loft Creations.

Siggy blocks I recieved and the one I have sent.
Also sent out two 12" blocks to my swap partners.

Blue and Green for Teena and the Xmas one for Crafty Pug. Thanks Zlaty for the pattern.

These are the two I have recieved .
  Oh I nearly forgot. Had to go out now to take a photo of "WILL" I just love him. Reminds me of Sunny's brown Pelicans. Another must have!!