Monday, August 30, 2010

Finishes !!!!

Yesterday at the Chapel Room I finished my "Schoals Out" quilt, I had fun doing the fish around the small border.

I also sandwiched and pinned my Pirate Quilt. Today I quilted it and did the binding.

This quilt is for Camp Quality.

Geraldton's Monochromatic Small Quilt Challenge.
It is a "Quilt of Love"

Friday night Sew In
Chili Table Runner.

These are all finishes for the OPAM Challenge for August.
Next three are both for the Early Bird Christmas Crafting and the OPAM.

I stitched this for a special friend who has moved into her OWN home.
It has a big heart on the door and heart flowers.

Pot Holders with heart quilting and button.
I love the ipod/camera pouches.

Just for fun today I made a TINY quilt for a friend who is having a very SMALL display at our Hanging.

I even put a label on it.

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Great Day

My day started with a walk along the beach with friends and when I got home I know I had to do this,

find my cutting table and chair so I can do some sewing.
But I had a better idea.
I went here

The Chapel Room where our Patchwork group meet to sit and sew.
I joined a few ladies and sat there and stitched.
Will show you what I did in my next post.
NOW I do need to go tidy my sewing room.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Great Mail !!

When I checked my post box today there were TWO White and Red cards. WOW ! Two Parcels.

The first one was from my blogging friend Sunny.  Look at the beautiful fabrics, post cards and lovely coaster Sunny has sent me. Can't wait to make something out of the pastels for the new baby.

The second one was a big Box. All wrapped in security tape. Could not read who the sender was.

                                  What's inside this white bag???

My Summer Tote Swap bag.
It is really beautiful and well worth the long wait.
Just look at all the pockets.
Each one of them held a lovely surprise.

Unbelieveable how spoilt I am.
Oh, look what was hiding in the white plastic bag.

YUMMY chocolate!!

  Thank you to both lovely ladies for my gifts.                     

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

A Great Retreat.

The retreat this weekend was so relaxing. The company was great, food and drink delicious. 
We are all busy stitching .

Time for a cuppa and some chatting.

Our neighbouring Patchwork group had invited us to do a "Monochromatic Masterpiece"
challenge. This is what I put together, only needs the borders put on. Then sandwiched and quilted.

This is my quilt I am making for one of the Camp Quality children coming here for their holiday in November. It also needs a border.

The weekend was make even more perfect by the fact my dear friend ,who is travelling around Aussie with her DH, called in to surprise me. Nicky spent time with us at the retreat and today we went into Geralton to have a girlie day out. They are off tomorrow on the last leg of their journey home to Kambalda.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Friday Night Sew In.

Yep !! It was Friday Night Sew In again last night. I was organised early and sitting behind my machine by 6.30pm.

Off I go!!!

Made a cuppa and then put on the binding.

Taa Daa!!!

By 11.30pm I had completed my table runner and off to do my post. BUT for some reason the photos would not load. Tried for an hour . Then gave up and went to bed. I am pleased that it is working for me this morning as I am off to a sewing retreat for two days with my Patch friends.

Oh I guess this can also go into  my Early Bird Christmas Crafting Challenge and the OPAM challenge as well.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Keeping Busy

I have been busy with my other life this week and have not done much sewing. Monday was such a lovely sunny day I went out into the garden to do some weeding. It's funny but the rabbits don't eat any weeds.

There are LOTS .

Remember my tiny trees I transplanted into these bigger pots.
Won't be long and I will be able to put them into the ground.

Then on Tuesday and again today I have been driven along
this highway to help my dear friend move.
It was a lovely drive home with lots of fields of Canola to look at.

When I got home I was pleased to pick these to put some colour in my home.

Monday, August 16, 2010

Out and About.

I was out and about this weekend but did get some sewing done too.

On Saturday our Red Hatters group, the Dongara Dizzy Dames, went out for lunch.

Sorry ,not a good photo.
We had a great afternoon chatting and having a lot of laughs. Joyce, third from left, did not have her hat so popped her handbag on her head. She is such a great lady and always fun of cheer.

  Saturday night I worked on my " Fish Quilt". Another of my projects from my UFO boxes.

  Sunday morning some of our swimming group met here for breakfast.
  It is nice to catch up during the winter months.

Then in the afternoon I returned for coffee and cake .

After tea I went into the sewing room and managed to make these for the  Early Bird Christmas Crafting and also some finishes for the OPAM Challenge.

Potholders with heart quilting and cute red heart buttons.
Little IPod/Camera Pouches.

A tutorial I found on  Thimbelina's blog.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

This and That

When I lifted down one of  boxes containing my
UFOs I found a lovely letter from my DG2
I have swapped the Dolphin for a fish and I was very careful.LOL

Yesterday I went to Geraldton,65kms away, to take my "Bargello" to the quilters.
I had a lovely day shopping and then spending the afternoon visiting my DD1and GD1.

Love the range of Xmas fabric I bought and some more material for my Baby Owl Quilt as well as a few pieces for a Pirate Quilt.

Went to Bunnings and bought some more tiny trees. When I saw the cute tricycle planter I just had to have it.
Today I put the tiny trees into these
and the last lot of tiny trees are now big enough to be planted out.
I have to put this wire cage around them so the rabbits don't eat them.

As I am sitting here I hear the rain which is great for my new trees.