Saturday, January 14, 2012

FIXED and FNSI soon..

Okay I have unpicked the bottom “Log Cabin Border” again and it is all stitched back together the RIGHT way.

029  Before


Can you now see what I did wrong???????

Keep your eye out for the first FNSI on Jan 20th.

Sew looking forward to joining all my online friends all over the world for some stitching.
What will you be working on????
I hope to sew this……………………….Postage Stamp Quilt 2011
My “Postage Stamp” quilt top.


  1. your border looks great.
    Your postage stamp strips look interesting. Happy sewing!

  2. Your round robin block is looking wonderful, I couldn't really see what was wrong with the border but I do see it looks better now!

  3. I hope to be there too.. so see you on Friday! Good luck with your plans.

  4. I can see where you've changed it but I still can't work out what was wrong! Hope to see you on Friday too!

  5. I can see you changed around a couple of the blocks but can't see what was wrong with the first one ,it looks great !Good luck on the postage stamp quilt , what a fun idea.
    hugs Sheila

  6. It was hard to see what was wrong with it in the first place, but it looks great now.

    Looks like you are ready for FNSI.

  7. Looks perfect! Great finish and good picking. I hate picking.

  8. There is a subtle difference in the colour arrangement that would definitley drive me nuts if I didn't fix it. Well done. I just love postage stamp quilts. I don't think I have the staying power needed to finish one. Not yet anyway. Yours is coming along great guns.

  9. I can see where you made changes in the botton border... but I can't tell what was wrong! love the postage stamp quilt... I might need to do one sometime... its a great FNSI project....

  10. hahahaha well I couldn't see the mistake either but i to can see the change... geez we are fussy when it comes to our work hahahaha xxx

  11. Looking great! I really don't think I would have ever noticed if you hadn't mentioned it in the last post. hehe What does that say about my quilting eye? Hmm. :)

  12. I can maybe see what was wrong, but wouldn't have noticed it if you hadn't said anything! Great job. You're going to have an amazing quilt.

  13. I am like the others - I see what you changed , but don't know what was wrong about it. They say beauty is in the eye of the beholder- and I think it is perfect either way. : )

  14. I am another one.....looks good..the postage stamp is going to be so pretty..


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