Monday, October 31, 2011


Just a quick post with my finishes for October.
I have been busy with secret sewing so not much to show.
Was very pleased to have completed my “Mystery Quilt”
Only have a photo of the flimsy on the laptop.

004 (2)_thumb[5]

Had such fun making the Rag Doll for My GDD’s 1st birthday.


Will do a longer post when I return home and tell you what I did in the big smoke with my DD2 and kids.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Four Flowers this Wednesday

Even though I have been busy with secret swaps and outings I was able to stitch four flowers this week.


Will pop over to  Karen's and see what the other ladies have stitched.


Now to do some more sewing.

Saturday, October 22, 2011

FNSI by Two and busy days.

Yesterday our exercise group went for a bus ride past lots of hard workers harvesting these.

On our way to here.
to do our class at the pool. It was fabulous and afterwards we went here.
and had a wonderful lunch. LOL That is why we exercise.

Sew I was happy to sit in the cave and relax for FNSI .
I finished my 2nd Stitchery from SAL.

and did the binding and label for the Mystery Quilt.

Today it was Friendship day at of our Patchwork members lovely home and the group from our neighbouring town also came along.
We had a wonderful time chatting eating with show and tell.
045   Ohhh!! Yummy Sweets!!!
The day passed quickly and it was time to say Bye to the ladies.  Thank you Helen for a great day.

This evening I thought I would join the ladies on the other side of the world and have a second FNSI with them.
Do you like the Rag Doll I made for my GGD’s 1st birthday in a month. (Where has that year gone?)
Now to go to Flickr and see what others have made.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Lots of Goodies & One Flower Wednesday.

Okay who stole last week because it just disappeared !!!
Last Friday my friend Sue and I went to a sewing retreat for the weekend. I was surprised how many of us took machines.


I managed to finish quilting my Mystery Quilt, start on the Henrietta one and do some hand sewing. As well a lots chatting eating and drinking. Was a wonderful weekend spent with my stitching friends.
We stayed at my DD2’s overnight on Sunday and drove home on Monday.

Last night while watching tele I managed to complete my flower for One Flower Wednesday. Must find time to start stitching some together.


In the mail today there were THREE parcels. How lucky am I. Lots of Goodies.


My Scissors Keeper Swap Partner Florence from France really spoilt me. I love ALL my pressies. Thank you sew much.

It was fun opening all the beautiful gifts

Look at the lovely stitched Scissors Keeper and Needle case she made for me. Sew cute.


On the needle case it says” Love with all your Heart” in French.
My DH and I have already tasted the yummy Swiss Chocolate.

My Christmas Swap Block from Sue.B. with some great fabric.

Thanks Sue. It will look great with the others I have collected.

and secret goodies to go into some of my Swaps in the little brown bag.


Happy Stitching every one.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

This and That plus One Flower Wednesday

After my DD2 and family go home I like to keep busy so I went out on the block and mowed and mowed.




I just cannot seem to get a nice straight line like my blogging friend Cat. LOL

There was a nice parcel for me at the post office but I have to put my gifts away into my Santa Sack Sad smile. I did shake rattle and feel them before I popped them in.

Thanks Christine.

It’s One Flower Wednesday sew I am joining Karen and the other ladies again this week.

One of my blogging friends asked me could I show all the flowers I have made so far. Sew I emptied my tin and spread them on the lawn.



How many do you think there are ??????
Maybe I need to make stepping stones and start  joining some together.

Monday, October 10, 2011

Busy Week

I cannot believe it has been a week since I got the rooms ready for my DD2 and GC to arrive.



We’ve had fun playing games, chatting, beach walking,chatting and going shopping.




The kids learnt to ride the Quad on their OWN. They just loved that.



Then GS2 and Pop went camping and left the girls to do girly stuff.


We were off to town to go visit my other DD,GD and GDD.


Nice little collection of fabrics jumped into DD2’s bag!!!


In the evenings DD2 managed to do a lot of sewing while I did some hand stitching.


I really like the way her quilt is going together.

DD2 and her family have joined Pop for a few days camping sew I organised some of my swaps.


When I went to post them I also picked up some goodies.

Thanks you Jewels for my fabrics

and Leena for my Swap Block.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

One Flower Wednesday.

Oh! I hope it is still Wednesday somewhere. Nearly missed out on doing this post.
Have my DD2 and kids visiting and we have been busy having a great time together.
I did manage to stitch this flower on our way to Geraldton.


I do enjoy joining Karen and the ladies each week.

What’s in a Name

Yesterday Dawn from “"As Sweet as Cinnamon" invited us to say why we chose the name for our Blog.
Eleven years ago my DH and I moved from a dusty mining town to “The Block”
 Five acres situated between the bush and the sea. A beautiful peaceful place for DH to tinker in his shed and me to join in several groups to go sewing,swimming, play games and have lots of coffees and lunches out.  Sew that is why I named my blog

Life on the Block”003

Monday, October 3, 2011

Up to Date!!

Was happy to have caught up with my swaps and challenges over the last three days.
Firstly my “ Friendship Medallion”  Going Dotty.

Going Dotty Medellion Friendship quilt.

I nearly did sewing these Churn Dash Blocks.

My Free BOM I am doing with 

BOM _3


Gai’s Swap blocks.  I used the BOM in one of these. 

Gai's three blocks for 8 swap 2011

Aussie Swap block for Leena,

Spool Block for Leens Oct Swap.

Christmas Swap for Sue
Sue's Xmas Block Oct 2011

The first Block for Christmas SAL


Sew now I can get serious about my Santa swap and maybe catch up on a  few UFO’s.