Wednesday, June 27, 2012

OFW, Houses, Blocks and Packed!!!!

I have just made it for One Flower Wednesday this week as it is nearly Thursday here.


maybe you would like to pop over and visit the other ladies who have joined in the fun at Karen's.

The builder has done well this week. Three more houses to pop in the tin. That makes 59 sew I am about 30 behind……..Seems we need to build faster……


I have sewn my 9th BOM  

3rd "Beginner's "Quilt-A-Long" Block


and my Aussie Swap Block for July.. Yes for July because

Ank's July Block 2012

as you can see I am nearly all packed (only need to pop in my  Stitchery) to on retreat on Friday..


Do you think I am excited…. You Bet I am… Three whole days away………..

Hugz  Maria

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Lazy Sunday.

As I slept in this morning I missed going out for brekky with the girls. The wind is like ice out side so there is nothing nicer than being inside with smell of something  baking in the oven.
As most of my friends know I don’t like cooking or baking so I was thrilled when the Fruit Cake I put together turned out like this………..


It did make the house cosy . Maybe I should bake more often ..
Hugz  Maria

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

A Flower, Houses ,Blocks and Laundry Bags…

It’s Hump Day again so have joined Karen for One Flower Wednesday.


do pop over and see what the other ladies have sewn.

It seems the builder did a bit better this week and built three houses.


I have made my 9th Blogger's BOM 

9th BOM

and Block 1 and 2 in the beginner's-quilt-a-long.

thought these blocks will make a nice kid’s quilt.

and two laundry bags that went in the mail for The Aussie Hero's. 

Hugz  Maria

Sunday, June 17, 2012

FNSI X 2 and Red Hatter Luncheon..

I got organised early for  FNSI .

Last year when I joined a Quilt-A- Long I make sooooo many blocks I had enough to
A single bed top ( Still needs sandwiching and quilting)


A Baby Quilt  and still had blocks left.

Baby Quilt 30.5.2012

Sew on Friday night I made this little “Quilt of Love”


and emptied the box. Yeh!!!!


Then I started on a quilt top for an Aussie Hero. Pop over to see the great work Jan-Maree and Ladies are doing. Maybe you might like to join in!!


Saturday I went with my Red Hatters friends to Greenough to met some Geraldton Ladies and have dinner at the lovely cafe.


We had a fabulous time chatting, laughing, eating (all healthy food) and drinking.


In the evening I joined the other ladies in the Northern Hemisphere for their FNSI. Finished my  Aussie Hero quilt top and also managed to put a border on another. Went to bed at 1.30 am….



Pleased to say I have four tops ready to go on Monday.



Hugz   Maria

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

The week that was and OFW

Last Thursday I went to town and had lunch with a gorgeous little lady and her Mum,

and did some fabric shopping ,


Friday our exercise group went to Geraldton and after a walk along the foreshore

Had a coffee before going to the Gym.


Saturday our Patch Group went to one of our talented ladies home for friendship day.


Sadie had made a beautiful gift for all of us..

A lovely book mark and brooch.

Sunday was brekky with the ladies and some sewing. But I wish I could just work on one project..
Does your cave look like this too????


I think I see five different things on the go…

Monday was Patch, Tuesday Zumba and today I went to play Mah Jong….

Sew you can see why I just managed to get my Flower done  in time to post for One Flower Wednesday with Karin and the ladies.


and only one house completed this week 


I can see I must talk to the builder about working a bit harder!!!!!!!!

Hugz  Maria

Monday, June 11, 2012

Sign Up for FNSI….

This Friday June 15th is FNSI Ladies.


Sew don’t forget to pop over to Heidi's to sign up. The ladies down under are lucky because we can have TWO Sew In’s if we wish.
Looking forward to seeing what you all make on FNSI Flickr Group or your blog.

Hugz   Maria

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

One Flower Wednesday,Houses and Christmas Blocks

The gardener and builder have been on strike but I am happy they are back.


If you would like to see some more Hexie Flowers pop over to visit Karen and the ladies. Maybe you could join in too!!

The construction work has fallen behind. Will have to try and build more this week to catch up.


I  joined Christmas Fun Blog to encourage me to get Lynette Anderson’s stitchery finished and on the wall this year.
After sewing for months I have 6 blocks sewn together. (only 2 to go) I was very pleased with myself. THEN when I pressing my blocks I scorched them…. Not Happy… Sad smile


Thankfully I found how to remove the stain on Google. So after a vinegar wash the stain DID go… Smile

Happy Stitching Maria.

Monday, June 4, 2012

This Weekend I

didn’t sew a stitch but had a fabulous time . It started on Friday by having nearly all my family for dinner. Sadly my GS1 s partner had to work. Missed you Kelly.
Look how big Alexis is now……
Going riding with  Daddy…

Had the best time with them all.

Morning coffee with friends on Saturday morning at my favourite cafe…..

Season Tree

and in the afternoon went for a swim and play on the beach with GD2 and GS2.


What a magnificent “Winters” day……..

Sunday brekky at the cafe with the bobbing ladies.
Later DH, GD2, GS2 and I went here…..

030  “Can I come??”
Riding, running, walking and swimming. Another memorable day.
I have two very tired children, DH and dog all sleeping soundly now.…….
Time I also joined them
Goodnight  Maria.