Monday, April 30, 2012

OPAM Finishes for April 2012

This month I have been going through my boxes and putting together some of the blocks I have received in different swaps…..

these blocks were sent to me by Gai last year and I now have a lovely table runner.….

006 (3)

Table cloth made with my  Christmas Swap Blocks


Girls lap Quilt using my Aussie Swap Blocks


Table Runner made from the box with the mystery project in…

Mystery Project Done!!!


Two "Blankets of Love"

014 (2)

and two pillow cases…….

002 (2)

How have you been going with your finishes this month ????

I am pleased to have emptied a few of my boxes..


EEEKKKK!!!! I am off to bed as it is 1.30am.

Good Morning, Maria

Sunday, April 29, 2012

This morning

I met my “Bobbing” friends for brekkie at the cafe.


Afterwards we are unable to go for a swim even though the sun was shining and the water was warm because there is so much

SEAWEED!!!!!!        006 (2)


we had to be happy to just stand in the lovely warm water…….Sad smile


and walk in the sand….


I do HOPE we get to go “Bobbing” at least one more time before it too cold….

Hugz, Maria

Thursday, April 26, 2012

It’s been

a funny week. Yesterday was Anzac day here in Aussie which means it was also a public holiday. So I lost my Wednesday and today feels like Monday not Thursday. Better not forget it is Friday tomorrow and I go to exercise and then coffee with the ladies.
Anyway after going to the parade in the morning and then dropping DH at the RSL I went home and

washed fabrics, 6 times. Hope the dye is now set…… 

while it dried 010
managed to put the border on this one.

Why is it just when the wind drops enough to take a photo someone comes into the picture???

After ironing and cutting the fabrics I stitched them into blocks.


then put them together to make this.

010 (2)
I thought it was a good project to make on Anzac Day….
These quilts will be send to  Jan-Maree at "Aussie Hero Quilts"

Oh and while I was washing things in the trough I did Lacy  too. I don’t think she was impressed. LOL.

Bath time 25th April 2012 (1)

She did need a bath, look at the colour of the water.

Bath time 25th April 2012 (6)

Nice and clean now Lacy….. She still does not look happy…LOL...
Hugz, Maria

Wednesday, April 25, 2012


It is ANZAC DAY. A day to remember all  who have serviced for our country in all wars.
In a few hours many will gather for the Dawn Service and later the march.

                                                    "Lest We Forget"

Saturday, April 21, 2012


Last night I joined in with other stitchers in the Southern Hemisphere for FNSI.
Heidi and Bobbi asked if we would like to sew some pillowcases for Conkerr Cancer to help put a smile on a child's face.


and I also managed to make two small flimsy.


and nearly finished a top for "Aussie Hero Quilts"


Maybe I could join the stitchers tonight in the Northern Hemisphere for their FNSI for some more sewing to finish the tops.


Wednesday, April 18, 2012

A Flower and some Houses………

 it’s Wednesday again… Sew you know what that means…I am joining the ladies at Karen's for "One Flower Wednesday".
This is my flower for the week.  Do pop over to see what the others have stitched.


Can you see the bee buzzing around .

Managed to build a few more houses,


AND paint Lacy’s little home too.


HUGZ Maria

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Where did

the past 10 days go !!!!!! I have been busy spending time with most of my little family..some popped in on their way to the city for a cuddle and a chat. some stayed longer and others I caught up with while I was in the big smoke.
While here we went swimming (twice), went to the markets,  had Easter hunts, chatted, played  games, drank coffee, ate ( some food and lots of chocolate) but I did no stitching.

003 Grannie’s Beach Saturday.

Seven Mile Sunday after a drive through the dunes.


011Hmmm!!! Lots of eggs.

then on Monday I went to Perth with my DD2 and Granddies. While there we went for a big walk to the shop,

Of course we needed a nice drink when we got there before walking home.


Wednesday we  went by bus and train to the city. Meet my DD1 in the there and then we all went over to the Zoo by Ferry. Was a fun day. We were even entertained while sitting on the lawn to eat our lunch.

019 Walking beside the Elephant.

Catching up with friends.

We love Meerkats. Can you see it keeping guard?


          The “Bell Tower”

also we watched movies and played games.

Even had GREEN pancakes for breakfast one morning.



Then home on Friday with DH. Lunch with Red Hatters yesterday and of course swimming (oh sorry bobbing) with the ladies this morning and then breakfast at the cafe.  Phew!!!!
I hope to sit in the cave this afternoon and finish a swap, wrap a gift and make some pillowcases. All to pop in the post tomorrow..

How was your week ?????

Hugz Maria

P.S... Change of plans... Just got a phone call from my friend to go for a walk. Will have to sew this evening.......

Thursday, April 12, 2012

My Bingo Card.

Only  a few more days for anyone wishing to join in BINGO and make their cards……..
Go to TONYA'S for the rules……

B…  Owl, Truck, Butterfly, Boy, Pirate..
I …   Lady, Rooster, Stars, House, Elephant..
N…  Spots, Ladybug, Blank, Santa, Balloons..
G…  Bee, Turtle, Caterpillar, Frog, Monkey..
O…  Buttons, Cat, Spider, Bat, and Flowers..

Not long now to link up with all the other players,
came and join in for the fun.


Wednesday, April 4, 2012

One Flower Wednesday, blocks and houses....

I had not made a flower until this afternoon as I had no Easter fabric but my friend Sue found this in her stash. Just perfect. thanks Sue….


A lovely Christmas block from Pat….


One I have sent to Dawnelle…..


Block Seven in the BOM



and I built three houses.


I love the chicken house best….


We wish you all a Happy and Safe Easter.

Maria and Lacy