Friday, July 29, 2011

Packing to Go

This is probably the quickest post I have ever done. DH is packing up as I type.
We had nearly four beautiful days in Broome .
Yummy breaky,

unusual visitors


I had a swim every day.

Went and had coffee at the Port.


Rode camels on Cable Beach.
014017 DH and me.

Went for a Hovercraft ride.
Okay I must away and help.
Will catch up again when next I have internet.
BYE !!!!!

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

One or more Flower Wednesday

I have been stitching some more hexies for my garden this week
Pop over to see more folks gardens growing over at Karen's “ One flower Wednesday'.

Also enjoyed starting my hexagons for The Vignette Hexagon Quilt-a-Long

The photos don’t show the colours very well.

Do a longer post next time. I’m off for a swim.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Markets and Off Road Camping

As we were leaving Kununurra on Saturday I noticed lots coloured gazebos at the oval. The local markets, so just had to go.


Yes a stall with quilts and some fabrics.
 Finally I was able to buy a few fat quarters.

005      025

We drove till about 4pm and then found a beautiful spot in the bush to set up camp.


It was so peaceful and sunny in the morning to just sit and stitch before packing up.

We fuelled up like so many other travellers.
021   and it’s on the road again only stopping for the

occasional bathroom stop


morning tea and some lunch. As we drove along there was a huge bush fire going on for many kms.
023    027

For our second night of camping DH had to do a bit of bush bashing.
I am always amazed where DH takes our dear old van. This branch was stuck underneath.
It was a perfect spot next some beautiful Boab Trees
042      040
Lovely sunset.

As it is such perfect weather in this part of Aussie we decided to spend a few days in Broome before making our way home to the cold and rain.
Will post again tomorrow for One Flower Wednesday and show you what we are doing in Sunny Broome.

Friday, July 22, 2011

Last Day and FNSI

As it is our last day before our return journey we decided to do a little more sight seeing around town.
The Hoochery where they make West Aussie RUM. You could smell the rum as soon as we walked in. Click here to read the interesting story.

We visited the “Zebra Gallery” for morning tea.

004            005
Lots of beautiful pieces craved out of the different stone.

We sat outside under the trees to have our coffee and homemade cake.


The locals were very friendly. They wanted to jump up on the table to try the cake too.

Back to the van for lunch and relax.

Tonight for FNSI I did not do any stitching.
Just cutting, gluing and winding threads ready to stitch more Hexies for The Vignette Hexagon Quiltalong. At last.


They should keep me busy stitching while travelling the 3000 odd kms home.

Lots to See (long post)

We arrived in Kununurra late Sunday afternoon. So thought it best to go to the Information Bay for directions to the Caravan Park.
079  078
Not much help but we found our way and were pleased to set up, have a shower, something to eat and then a good nights sleep.

Monday did the washing. Then went shopping. While in town I looked at some beautiful jewellery and dreamt of buying pink diamonds but I could only afford this.
Even the tiniest diamond you could hardly see was over $4000. AH well we can dream.

Tuesday off to ELQ. First stop Emma Gorge. DH walked to stage 2 were he sat and waited.
I wanted to see the fall at the end of the walk.
026   017
Which is stage 11. It was nice to hear the water trickle through the rocks as I walked and climbed over rocks.
Stage 10. The Pool.
018 Not far now. Up,over through some more rocks and then.          
        So worth the climb. Now to do it all again back to DH and then the car park.

We drove on to ELQ and decided to go on a helicopter ride along the rivers and homestead. I had had enough walking for the day. Only took this photo
039     DH chatting to the pilot. It was too windy so put camera away and hung on. It was the most fabulous ride. Afterwards we had lunch,
041    here. Very nice.

Today it was off to Lake Argyle. Click here to learn more about this amazing project. I will download some photo but it is IMPOSSIBLE to show the you how HUGE this lake is.
004 Part of the Dam Wall.
009Back of the boat.
There is just water as far as you can see.
There is a lot of wild life living on the islands in the lake.
012   Freshwater Croc

Rock Wallaby030

049  Click on the photo to see the Jabiru sitting on the nest.

The orange boat is the one we went on.
Can you see the car driving along the Dam Wall ???
Before filling the Lake the old homestead was moved and is now a museum.
The bower birds have made a home in the hedge.

It is late now and time for bed.