Friday, March 30, 2012

The week that was and My OPAM Finishes..

This week I wanted to finish these
QAYG Blocks & binding


and get them in the mail for Jan @ Oz Comfort Quilts. Do click on the link and see the great work Jan does…

These cute little guys for special children…


and my Christmas fun Block.


Also did some more Quilting  on the Jungle Baby Quilt. A finish for OPAM

001 (2)



008 (2)

All ready now to gift to Baby Channing next week.

My other OPAM finishes are on my previous posts here and here.

Hugz Maria

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Hump Day Again so

it’s One Flower Wednesday at Karen's.....                 
 Yesterday I received a surprise parcel with nice fabric to fussy cut this weeks flower in……


I had just had this drawing laminated and thought it the perfect setting for the sheep.

last week I posted the Little House I made for my DD2 and this is the one I sent to her.


I am still busy constructing my house blocks…….

Happy Stitching

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Houses and One Flower Wednesday.

Some time ago there was a little house swap so my DD2 and I decided to make one for each other.  Her cute little house arrived today.


I love the way she has put shells for my side of the house and a garden for hers.  Thanks Sandra…..


I went into town last week and bought some fabrics for the border of my Wonky Little Houses……..


This weeks Flower was made with some fabric sent to by Marina, one of my blogging friends.


The Gumnut babies are so cute and my Red Coral Flowering Gum has just bloomed in time to take the photo. Do pop over to Karen's Blog and see the other ladies flowers.

Monday, March 19, 2012

This and That

the weather in this part of the world has been lovely the past few days and the water is just BEAUTIFUL in the morning for our swims.


this is the view as we sit and have a coffee afterwards…….


and then home to finish off some stitching.

First my Bingo card


You can pop over to Tonya's if you would like to play along.

A Little “Chook” hanging.      015

Another Christmas Stitchery needed to be framed..

then went to water the trees on the block with a little help…..


Lacy just LOVES water and of course the mud……. Wanted a photo of her very black tummy before she turned over but she was too quick.

Saturday, March 17, 2012


last night I worked on my SAHRR. The next round was a BRAID Border.
I had cut the rectangles in the afternoon so when I went into the cave in the evening was able to start putting the rows together.


It took a lot longer than I thought to get the braids all stitched together. It was nearly 1am when I stopped.
I could not believe that when I spread the quilt top on the floor I had made a MISTAKE again…


What is it with this top I have muffed up in every row…… Notice I did stitch on the missing spool. Had to make a new one. LOL
I am off into the cave now to join the others who are doing FNSI tonight.

Friday, March 16, 2012


I got up early this morning to do a load of washing before going to my exercise group.
Filled the machine,put in the clothes and then when it was time to pump out the water, NOTHING HAPPENED. Grrrrrr!!!!
Pulled the wet washing out, DH dragged the machine outside, opened the back to check the pump.
OH NO!!!!! Look what was blocking the pump. A $5 note…


DH was not very happy with me as this is what happened only a few months ago…… A $10 note….

$10 blocked washing machine pump

I must check pockets…..
Ah well machine is finished now so will hang the washing and go into town in time for coffee with the exercise girls…

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

One Flower …………

Yep it’s Wednesday again and time to post my flower and pop over to see what the others have made too at Karen's


I am very happy with the way my village is growing .Love my wonky houses.


Lacy is all over her little operation and is happy to sit and pose. Hmmm for a Smacko. LOL

Lacy Girl  6mths.

Have a great day….


Sunday, March 11, 2012


Even though it is officially AUTUMN down under we are still having lots of days over 40 deg Celsius. It is just so nice to go for my morning bob with the ladies.


Not much sewing this weekend but did manage to finish my applique row on my SAHR. Will do more embellishing when I quilt it.


Can you see I am one spool short ??? Can’t find it anywhere so will have to make another before I start on my Braid Border.

and I have also joined this……..  BINGO..


Should be fun.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

One Flower Wednesday and more……..

After returning home yesterday I had a busy day catching up on washing, taking Lacy to the vet for her little operation, watering etc..

Pleased to have been able to stitch some flowers at our retreat to post today for One Flower Wednesday with Karen and the ladies.



Managed to build some more houses


and complete Stitchery on my third block of Christmas Fun.

Christmas Fun Block 3

Still have five more blocks to make before Christmas………

Home Again

After a busy week in the city I have settled into life at home again. While away I met the newest member of the family..

Tove          003

Went to retreat, had fun walking, swimming and sewing.


Enjoying the view with my friend.


On Monday I returned to my DD2’s and was surprised when my GS2 handed me this beautifully wrapped parcel.


He was so proud of the gift he had sewn for me. A gorgeous table topper/wall hanging. He had even picked the fabrics.

I LOVE it. Just perfect to sit my fruit bowl on. Thank you Alex XXX

After a coffee we all went of to see the “Sculptures by the Sea”


097      197


I had a wonderful time spent with friends and family. All too soon it was time for the drive home. On the way there was a HUGE fire.


So had a detour along a Gravel road.


Oh!! I also managed a bit of fabric shopping …….


Sunday, March 4, 2012

A Quick Post

This is the view from my bedroom window while at retreat this weekend,


we have enjoyed walks in the mornings with lovely views,


gone for swims with friends and a friendly pelican.



and also managed to do some sewing between chatting, eating and drinking.


Goodnight for now,