Tuesday, January 31, 2012

OPAM Finishes for January

How did the end of January sneak up on me??? Only seems like yesterday it was New Years Eve. Sew it’s time to post my finishes for this month.

Mini Wall hanging

Janet's 2011 (1)

Four Laundry Bags.


“ Addie” the Rag Doll

SAL Christmas Stitchery Swag.


and Three "Blankets of Love"

012 (2)

Friday, January 27, 2012

Indoors Stitching.

It has been OVER 40 Celsius for the past few days sew I have stayed indoors stitching. 
I have joined Di and the Elves doing Christmas sewing on the 23rd, 24th and 25th of each month. This is what I worked on this month. A swag out of my SAL Stitcherys.


It is also a finish for  Sew It's Finished and OPAM this month.

Completed my fifth block of the Free BOM 


and made a little quilt.


Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Storms, One Flower Wednesday and Mail.

We are in the midst of summer here with temps in the 40’s for the past few days.
We had some wild storms which resulted in a power failure.
No power for us from 5pm last night to 10am this morning. Thank goodness for our generator. We were able to have light , keep the fridge going, the tele and a pump so we could have water for drinking, showers and the toilet. 

I was able to sit and stitch my hexies.




and stuff “Addie’s” arms, legs and head.

then managed to sew her together this afternoon.

She will be going with her cousin”Roman” to live in NZ.


Look what I was lucky enough to received from Fiona today.

Lots of great woollen squares, can’t wait till it gets cool enough to find a project to sew out of them……………thank you Fiona……

Monday, January 23, 2012

Weekend Sewing.

Spent Saturday and Sunday sewing these for "Aussie Heros"


For the guys

and one for a girl.


Also some Laundry Bags.



all packed ready to go in the post with my other mail.


and some more building too ………………………..


Saturday, January 21, 2012

Last night it was the first Friday Night Sew In of the year.  

004 (2)

I decided to work on my Postage Stamp but as I was sewing & sewing & sewing I thought “ WHY DID I EVER START THIS THING”


Worked on it for hours and this is all I achieved. Lots of 1 1/2" strips sewn together.Here’s me thinking I would have done a few blocks. LOL.


Decided to put it aside and get on with building a few houses. At least they are quick……………………

Maybe next month I will work on a smaller project.
How did you all go ?????????????

Maria’s Quilts @

Friday, January 20, 2012

Time to Sign Up

It’s time to sign up to OPAM for 2012. This is the third year I have joined the lovely KRIS and PEG in this challenge. I find it really inspires me to get at least one project  finished each month. Thanks ladies.
Go and visit either KRIS or Peg and see what it about………….


Oh don’t forget it’s FNSI tonight for us Aussie girls…………..


Maria’s Quilts @

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

One Flower Wednesday

With all my other projects I only managed to stitch one flower.
Will pop over to visit the other ladies joining Karen this week.
Please check out my quilts on

Sunday, January 15, 2012

A Busy Sunday.

Went for my swim this morning and afterwards had coffee at the seaside cafe with the ladies.
South Beach Feb 2011

then I had to do a little cleaning while my bread was baking…...


it was so hot when I finished went for a nice cool shower and then into the cave.


Made the pinwheel and hourglass blocks for my Round Robin.


After all the trouble with previous border I decided to KISS ( keep it simple silly) this one.
Must say I do like it and will do some applique on it later.

As I was behind with my construction work, had to make fours houses.

did some stitching


and then unpinned two quilts.


wasn’t until after I had pinned them and quilted another I found out I was using the wrong wadding. It took just as long to unpin as it was too pin. Grrrr!!

Hope you had a great day too...............

Saturday, January 14, 2012

FIXED and FNSI soon..

Okay I have unpicked the bottom “Log Cabin Border” again and it is all stitched back together the RIGHT way.

029  Before


Can you now see what I did wrong???????

Keep your eye out for the first FNSI on Jan 20th.

Sew looking forward to joining all my online friends all over the world for some stitching.
What will you be working on????
I hope to sew this……………………….Postage Stamp Quilt 2011
My “Postage Stamp” quilt top.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

OFW, Nice Mail and a Finish.

Can’t believe it is Wednesday again. In between my other things in my life I still managed to sit and stitch THREE Flowers.


Thanks to Karen that I keep making my flowers. You can pop over to One Flower Wednesday and see what the other ladies have made this week.

I believe Santa must have been extremely busy this year because look at the goodies I got in the mail yesterday.

From Linda             009

                                                          and Val.
All the gifts are lovely and very much appreciated. Thank you ladies.

Also my “Jelly Roll “ book arrived. Can’t start a new project yet. Sad smile


Every chance I’ve had over the past few days I have been working on the Log Cabin Border for my Round Robin. After much reverse sewing I finally sewed the border on and I can’t believe it is still wrong. GRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!! more unpicking.


Can you see my mistakes ????

Look !!!  My First  Finish for 2012.  Small but a Finish.

012       019
My friend Pat’s house warming gift.
I feel a bit like the snail on the card as she moved into her new home months ago but it all wrapped up and went into the mail today.

OH!!!  forgot to post Two things I have joined for this year on a previous post.
A Birthday FQ swap with Cheryl
birthdayclub RESIZED
and fun Christmas Sewing Days each month to keep us on track with our Gifts run by Di