Thursday, January 12, 2012

OFW, Nice Mail and a Finish.

Can’t believe it is Wednesday again. In between my other things in my life I still managed to sit and stitch THREE Flowers.


Thanks to Karen that I keep making my flowers. You can pop over to One Flower Wednesday and see what the other ladies have made this week.

I believe Santa must have been extremely busy this year because look at the goodies I got in the mail yesterday.

From Linda             009

                                                          and Val.
All the gifts are lovely and very much appreciated. Thank you ladies.

Also my “Jelly Roll “ book arrived. Can’t start a new project yet. Sad smile


Every chance I’ve had over the past few days I have been working on the Log Cabin Border for my Round Robin. After much reverse sewing I finally sewed the border on and I can’t believe it is still wrong. GRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!! more unpicking.


Can you see my mistakes ????

Look !!!  My First  Finish for 2012.  Small but a Finish.

012       019
My friend Pat’s house warming gift.
I feel a bit like the snail on the card as she moved into her new home months ago but it all wrapped up and went into the mail today.

OH!!!  forgot to post Two things I have joined for this year on a previous post.
A Birthday FQ swap with Cheryl
birthdayclub RESIZED
and fun Christmas Sewing Days each month to keep us on track with our Gifts run by Di


  1. Love you header pic Maria! I have a new jelly roll book,too and am dying to start something from it, but also have other things that need done first. :/ I think I see what happened in your round robin, but wouldn't have noticed unless you mentioned it! It is beautiful! What great gifts, to give and receive.. you have been busy. :o)

  2. Don't you hate those un-sewing days? Grr.

    Your flowers look so pretty this week.

    You will have fun with that JR book. Where do you begin?

  3. You did much better than I... Only one for me :-( I had picking too. Happy Wednesday, Kim C ^i^

  4. You are very busy !!! Good luck with the unpicking !

  5. I honestly cannot see what you did wrong.... maybe it is okay like it is.

  6. Your flowers look lovely hanging in the garden. I'm like Janet. I can't see the mistake (maybe I'm just too tired from sitting up late sewing again last night!).

  7. Unsewing..yuk. I did some last night too until 2AM.. but it's done now. Now onto re-doing yah! Love your flowers and so pretty in the garden. :)

  8. Oh Ilove your mini washing line for the flowers... how clever is that... and no... I can't spot the mistakes... you are going to have to explain!! Awesome to get pressies now... I love Val's mouse...

  9. Love your round robin quilt, looks great. Your pretty hexies look nice hanging in the garden.

  10. Hi--love the way you displayed your 'hexie' flowers==cute!!
    and your round robin looks great to me--!!!
    and for yesterdays post of you ufo list--it sounds about like mine!!!
    Most of mine are bom's from 2010 and just a couple from 2011--and here we are getting ready to start some new ones for 2012--I just can't help myself--it is all these bloggers who keep coming up with such delightful bom blocks!!!!!
    Happy stitching-
    Hugs, Di and miss gracie

  11. I can't see you mistake,love you flowere this week love the colors jinnie

  12. It sounds like you're really busy. Lovely hexies.

  13. O Maria! What beautiful projects you are working on.Wish I was close -I would "pick out" for you -so you could tackle it again. You make me feel so much better! Now, you know why I am good at Something - because I do so much PICKING! LOL

    Your placemats are beautiful with the border on them. Amazing what something so little can make such a transformation .Sometimes it seems that the smallest thing is like the icing on the cake

  14. Great photo of your flowers!! Lovely goodies in the mail and I will have to go back to find the mistake, I can't see it, looks good to me.

  15. Hello Maria,

    Love your little flowers, so happy in the garden. Sorry I looked and looked and didn't know what I was looking for!!!
    Hope there is no more unsewing for you.
    Happy days.

  16. Your flowers are so lovely hanging on the line!! Gives me an idea for my wall in my cave! Despite your reverse sewing - and error - (I couldn't pick it --was it to do with the orientation of the lights in the LC blocks?)- your SAHR is looking really good. Love all your gifties and that new book will be really inspiring, I'm sure.

  17. How cute your flowers are - love the way you displayed them here!


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