Wednesday, October 31, 2012

OFW and OPAM finishes for October.

Oh No it’s Hump Day again sew it's time to post my flower for One Flower Wednesday. 
                                           “Happy Halloween to All”


If you enjoy sewing hexies do came along and join the ladies each week to stitch and post. It is nice to see what Karen and others have make by going HERE.

This month I have been busy doing heaps of sewing but I can only show you a few of my finishes for OPAM as it is secret sewing time. LOL

You can see my Spring 12” mini and Challenge Mini  by clicking HERE !!

Special Rug Mug Swap…..


and finally Taa Dah!!!!!!!   Have finally completed my SAHRR run by my blogging friend Sunny


A big thank you to Peg and Kris for keeping me on track and completing something each month..

Oh and don’t forget to join Cheryll and all us folk who will be stitching on "Friday night with Friends" Would love you to join in....


             Will be fun Ladies and we may get some Christmas sewing done.

Hugz  Maria

Saturday, October 27, 2012


Had a very busy FNSI. I managed to complete this swap…


Even put on a label. Sorry can’t turn it over SHHHH !!!

nearly completed this swap.. another SHHH!!!!!!!


and made these.


I really don’t like making curtains. The next set will be bought ones...

Thank you to Heidi and Bobbi for running another FNSI. I always enjoy stitching along with all my online friends..
Will pop over to our Flickr Group to post my photos and see what others have made.

Hugz  Maria

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

It is still Wednesday

sew I can post my flower for this week’s OFW with Karen and the ladies


There were a few nice squishies in the mail this week.


I was lucky enough to be one of the lucky winners of Peg's Giveaway. A cute Table Centre. I look forward to stitching this next year.. thanks heaps Peg.


and I received my swap block from Terry in the US..
Love it and  will look great with my others. Thank you Terry

Hugz  Maria

Friday, October 19, 2012

Washing,Secret Sewing and Minis…

It was a nice sunny but windy day on Wednesday. Perfect for washing fabrics. 

There is always a lot of debate about wether to wash or not to wash but just look at the water.

005 (2)


and it took 6 washes before I was happy to hang the reds on the line with the others…




I love this sort of washing blowing in the breeze.

After it was dry and ironed I was able to cut it up for my Secret Sewing……




My “Spring Mini Swap” has arrived at my partners so I am able to show you what I sent to Clare.. Thanks to our  "Swap Mum Cheryll" for another fun swap.




In July at our "PATCH" retreat we were give a FQ of ugly batik fabric and our challenge was to make a miniature/doll quilt using all or some of it..


I used the fabric in some of the points,border and backing.

The corner stones are 2 1/4” . I put the bobbin in the centre of the star to show how tiny the flying geese are…



We have till next October to finish the challenge for our hanging but I am pleased my is done. Only hope I don’t put it in a safe place and loose it..LOL


Have a great weekend and I hope you get to stitch.

Hugz  Maria

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

My cushion has Arrived and OFW.

When I went to collect my mail today there was a nice white and red card in my box.. WooHoo!!! a parcel and look what was inside…


I received this beautiful cushion from Carin all the way from Sweden..
When I saw it on Sue’s post HERE I didn’t know I would be the lucky recipient.
Thank you Carin and also Sue for running the swap.

Yesterday DH had two appointments in town so I took along my handy hexie purse and sat and stitched while I waited for him..

Managed to make two Flowers to add to my collection. If you would like to join in for OFW pop over to see Karin and so you can sign up.



I can’t pick a favourite, thanks Marina for the fabrics….

Must post this and go to bed,

Hugz Maria

Thursday, October 11, 2012

I have lost

a week.. Where has it gone!!!! I don’t even have a Hexie to post as I have only traced some stepping stone blocks to stitch.



The builder is also away on another job .Sew nothing to report on the houses. Sad smile


Was very happy the mailman had left some lovely parcels for me this week.



Beautiful bag, scarf and writing paper from Raelene for the OASS



My pretty 12” Mini Swap from Helen



and my Christmassy Rug Mug and goodies from Ida.

Thank you ladies, love them all.


I have managed to stitch up a pile of blocks


Aussie Swap for Terry.    Terry's Oct 2012


Guardian Angel Blocks

Guardian angel Blocks.

Aussie Hero Blocks




and even put my Beginners Quilt-A-Long blocks together…

012 (2)

Have completed some swaps and popped them in the post sew you can only see sneak peeks for now….



012 (3)

Good Night.

Hugz   Maria

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

OFW, Houses and a Nice Parcel….

As we had a long weekend this week I have really lost days. I thought it was Tuesday today… LOL  but no it was Wednesday
and that means I need to post my flower for OFW at Karen's


you can pop over HERE to see some more flowers.

While I was at my DD2’s looking after the Grandies my builder completed the last three houses,


it is a little sad to think my builder has nearly finished his work…

When I went into town today and checked the mail I was delighted to receive a lovely parcel of goodies from Vickie in Humpty Doo…


My Black and White Bag …  Love it.


also there was a gorgeous bookmark, pretty soap and sunscreen..  Thanks heaps Vickie

Good night,
Hugz   Maria