Thursday, May 31, 2012

Finishes for May.

May has been a mad month for me. Lots of appointments with trips to Perth. So the month went by very quickly. On Monday 28th I realised I had not even started a project from the my  UFO List for 2012 ( click to view it).
BUT tucked away in a box were some blocks left over from my “Quilt-A-Long Star” Flimsy on the list. Sew I got them out sewed them together,found some nice bright border fabric, sandwiched , quilted and brought the backing to the front as binding and Taaaa Dahhhhhh!!!!!!
My finish for MAY to post on the blog with only hours to spare.


Also some finishes  for OPAM with Peg and Kris.

Knitted Scarf

Sandra's scraf

Pencil Case…

Phoebe's pencil roll

Phobe's May 2012

Sewing Kit….



Star Baby quilt gets a second mention as a finish here too….

Oh no!! Nearly forgot to add Lacy’s jacket and blanket…


Hugz,  Maria

P.S. Isn’t it lovely to have nice blogging friends…… In yesterdays post I put up my “To Do List” and the third one down Read….
MAKE ONE UFO PROJECT A MONTH……  LOL     I am sure we all do that..
but it should have read……  

That's better...

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Over the Weekend

I made a list…….


Decided to start with the Pyramid Doorstops as I have wanted to make them for a few years Sad smile. 
Sew out come the overlocker. I sewed and sewed making two doorstops. Then when I went back after dinner to make more the overlocker seized up. The thread just knotted up underneath the foot. I cut it away and rethreaded the machine. Not ONCE but several times over three hours. Grrrrrrrrrr..
By then it was after midnight so off to bed.



Next afternoon silly me decided to try again but the same thing happened again and again. Finally I gave up. Put the overlocker away and finished the doorstops on my sewng machine…..

Must say after all my problems I am very happy with the end result..
What do you think?????


That's one thing off the list.........

Hugz Maria

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Has it Really

been five days since I got home… I just want the world to slow down. I want to  have 48 hr days and 14 day weeks…. Wouldn't that be good.

Now to post the lovely goodies I come home to..

A free copy of Australian Quilters Champion with the story of  Sue's Quilting Block Swaps Australia.  Sue also sent me two FQ’s and a bookmark.


I enjoy participating in this swap which was started for Aussies but has now gone international. Pop over to Aussie Swap Blog and see if you would like to join.

The giveaway I won over at Michelle's blog,


so many gifts, matching buttons,tea towels, doily , cards and stitchery as well as nice tea bags to enjoy.

and the third parcel contained these beautiful Charm Squares from Marcia's Crafty Sewing and Quilting Blog for completing a line in our Bingo Game..



Thank you ladies for my gifts.

Today Mr Postie was nice again…


A giveaway win from another Michelle NZ.


Nice big pincushion , cute little bag, fabric tape and a Schnibbles Pattern. I have seen many bloggers make these little quilts and have always wanted to make one. Now I can thanks to Michelle.

 my “Zakka Style” pattern book….. Yeh!!!!!!!

Hugz  Maria

Friday, May 25, 2012

Home Again…

Yesterday I drove home after a busy week



in the “Big Smoke” going to see


on Saturday.

catching up with my sisters on Sunday.

Had a fabulous time chatting and reminiscing.

Shopping, playing games and just spending time with my girls….

Wednesday went to the craft show with DD2. We never seem to have enough time when we go there. Maybe need to go two days next year..
Here are a few of the fabulous quilts that the talented folk had on display..
This beautiful one was quilted on a domestic machine..


Jocelyn Leath makes gorgeous art quilts


I did like the Aussie themed ones.





This is the stash I come home with…


Can’t show all in detail as some will be swap and Christmas gifts..

While there I did try to do some sewing but the furry assistant decided to help…


Tove did make it difficult for me to lay out my blocks so I thought I would catch up on some blog and e-mail reading…….WRONG!!!!!!

Just Watching….


a little closer

what’s that


where did that cursor go ????


Ah !!! nearly got it.


"What you doing Tove ????"


“Who me ?? Nothing !!!!!! Would I do anything….."

Will show you the lovely goodies that where waiting for me on my return on my next post.

Hugz, Maria

Saturday, May 19, 2012


Last night for FNSI I managed to sit and stitch block 8 of my Christmas Fun……..


Wasn’t till I posted the photo I realised I still need to give Santa eyes,nose and mouth………

Hugz, Maria.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

OFW and Lovely gifts….

I can’t believe how quickly Wednesday comes around. Where did the other days go… Time to hop over to Karen's Blog and see who else has been sewing their flowers.

this week these frogs jumped
into my garden.  As you can tell it is a Sunny day here today, LOL

Last Friday the postie delivered a surprise parcel sent by a special blogging friend.


Thank you for the book and Block #646 looks great.

I was also spoilt for Mother’s Day by both my DDs.
Love my cute Crystal Duck which now lives with the chooks on the kitchen shelf.


and the Blue Birdhouse that looks good swinging in the tree.


I also got yummy chocies but couldn’t take a photo as they are all gone………

Yesterday my swap gift arrived from the USA. It was a Secret Swap run by Heidi so I was thrilled to receive this gift from Laurie.


Thank you for a beautiful Zipper Purse in 1930’s fabrics and two nice FQ’s.


Sunday, May 13, 2012

Happy Mother’s Day

                                                                to all ......
Hugz, Maria

Friday, May 11, 2012

A Great Night Out and a BINGO!!

Each year the Geraldton Patchwork Group invite groups from surrounding areas for their annual Mother’s Day Dinner.


They always have such a beautiful array of foods and sweets followed by show and tell.


A fabulous night was had by all.

when I got home I sat down to check what bingo words were called and I was delighted to have filled a row..
Yah Bingo in row “N”
Great finish to a great night.

Hugz, Maria