Friday, April 19, 2024

FNSI for April

The weeks just fly by and before we realise it’s the third Friday of the month and time to join the lovely Wendy and friends for FNSI.. 

I spent some time working on my # 9 Chookshed Challenge by sewing the scallops for the table topper.

Then I downloaded block 16 of the Laundry Basket Birthday SAL. Picked the fabrics and got it done.

block 16.

I realised I hadn’t posted block 15 

Finally decided on the fabrics to use for the extra block released for Valentines Day and got it made .

This evening I sat and did some hand sewing on another La Passacaglia block and I have another block to post that I completed over the last week.

Thank you  Wendy for a fun night and you can pop over HERE to see what others have done.

Must away and get some shut eye.

Happy Stitching 🧡 

Hugs. Maria ❤️

Wednesday, April 17, 2024

Making a Start

On my #9 challenge for Chookshed Challenge organised by Deana

I’ve traced some of the small templates on the right side ready to cut and sew 🧡. Then I need to join the pieces of wadding together ready to cut to put between the top and backing….

So good to have this challenge so I get some long awaited projects done thanks to Deana.

Must away now and get ready for my exercise session. 😟

Happy stitching.

Hugs πŸ€—. Maria 🌷

Saturday, April 6, 2024

FnwFs for April.

I had a lovely evening of sewing along not only with Cheryll and friends for FnwFs but also joined some of my sewing friends here too. 

I worked on the final border of another La Passacaglia block 

And was able to get it sewn on.

Then I spent time auditioning fabrics for the next block.

It’s not the best photo as the colours are brighter.
Now to cut and glue the next pieces.

Thank you Cheryll for get us together and you can pop over HERE to see what others have done.

Must away and do some post reading.

Happy Stitching 🧡 

Hugs Maria 🌷

Wednesday, April 3, 2024

Before starting

Which is a “ Table Topper “.

 I’ve decided to first make my 
RSC blocks . Yellow being this months colour….

Log cabin block.

The little yellow dragon….

Also made Laundry Basket Birthday blocks 13 and 14.

Still working on the “Aussie Hero “ blocks but 

Must away to bring in the washing.

Happy  Stitching🧡 

Hugs Maria πŸ’–

Thursday, March 28, 2024

#4 Chookshed Challenge

Deana picked #4 for the March challenge No and on my list it was “A New Start” so I decided to cut the blocks for the “Wanderer’s Wife . 

They’re all done and bagged ready to pop into my box for our annual retreat in August . ( good to be prepared) .

And I’m delighted to have given my dear friend Jan the huge box of scraps because she had fun sorting through them and was happy to take them home. I was happy to get rid of them..

I also decided to make a reading cushion as another “New Start” and used some of the Minon fabrics that were in my stash.

The back and the front made with 2 1/2” blocks.

Thanks Deana for this fun challenge and I’m looking forward to April’s No…

Must away as I want to catch up on some Blog reading.

Happy Stitching 🧡 

Hugs Maria πŸ’–

Friday, March 22, 2024

Cutting and sewing.

I’m busy sorting through my huge scrap box and cutting blocks for “Wanderer’s Wife” which is part of my #4 Chookshed Challenge organised by Deana…..

And some more cutting and sewing was done making No 11 and 12 Laundry Basket Birthday Challenge.

Must away and get some projects organised for a sewing evening with friends .

Happy stitching 🧡 

Hugs Maria. πŸ’•

Saturday, March 16, 2024

FNSI for March and a busy Saturday.

Even though Wendy was busy with elections at her place some of the ladies were able to sew along for FNSI… thank you Wendy and I hope you weren’t too busy. 
I decided to work on my La Passacaglia block 

And also go through my stash and find some fabrics to make a reading cushion.

After brekky this morning I went for my dip with the ladies. The water was beautiful and we watched  the mullet swimming along and jumping out the water. Then we noticed a couple of small reef sharks trying to catch the fish….they were too busy to worrying about us .

On my return home I showered ,went to the shop and then joined Chooky and ladies for a great Zoom meeting it was good catching up and chatting while doing some more stitching on La Passacaglia 

This round is nearly complete ……

I also need to make a baby quilt for one of our young bobbing ladies so auditioned some fabrics for that .

Thanks Chooky for a fun Zoom session.

Later in the afternoon it was time to go to croquet as it was our groups 1st anniversary and we had guests coming to join us from Geraldton. We finished croquet early enough for me to pop down to our Patch room and join in for a lesson on how to do bullions……

 Mine aren’t very good so I think I need a lot more practice but we had a great time.
I had a very busy fun day.

So I must away now and do some bullion practice 

Happy Stitching 🧡 

Hugs πŸ€— Maria πŸ’•

Monday, March 11, 2024

RSC for March and the Laundry Basket block.

For March Angela chose PURPLE for our RSC colour…. I hunted through my stash and found enough to make the Log Cabin block.

And the Dragon….

I have also made No 10 of the Birthday Laundry Basket block.

Blogger isn’t playing well today so I’ll push publish and see what happens.

Must away and have some lunch.

Happy stitching 🧡 

Hugs. Maria 🩷

Sunday, March 3, 2024

FnwFs March

FnwFs  turned into a weekend of sewing for me . First on Friday I got my blocks cut ready to sew 

But before I started sewing I got into the movie Where the Crawdads Sing” so didn’t get back to sewing till Saturday after my morning dip and before croquet.

Managed to to get the most of Aussie Hero blocks together and then today got them finished 

And also the Laundry Basket Birthday blocks #8 and #9.                                        Must away now and organise some purples for this months RSC 
Happy Stitching 🧡 
Hugs Maria πŸ’•.

Friday, March 1, 2024

March Challenge and FnwF

A new month so it’s time for our new number for the “Chookshed Challenge” orgainised by Deana…and this months No is “4”

After checking my list my #4 is to start a new project.

I have this HUGE box of scraps and I thought πŸ€” what’s a girl to do with them??? 

So I bought this book.

 What a perfect time to start going through the box and cutting out the blocks , putting them in bags, labelling them ready to take to our annual retreat in August as it was what I planned to be making then.

 I MAY be able to work on something smaller for a finish ???

As it’s also the first Friday of the month I’ll be joining FnwFs . Even though Cheryll. Has visitors she has kindly put up the link for us to sew a long. Thank so much because I am hoping to make my Aussie Hero blocks and #8and #9 of The Laundry Basket Birthday Blocks. 

Must away and sort some fabrics.

Happy Stitching 🧡 

Hugs Maria πŸ’•

Monday, February 26, 2024

February Challenge

Happy to have Deana’s #2 Chookshed Challenge. complete. They are last year’s RSC blocks. 

I had just enough of the stripy fabric for the binding..

Wonder what number Deana will draw for March.
How did you go with your Number 2???

Must away and take in the washing.

Happy stitching 🧡 

Hugs πŸ€— Maria πŸ’•

Tuesday, February 20, 2024

#2 Chookshed Challenge and LaLa block

This  week I’ve been working on my #2 Chookshed Challenge , some of last years RSC blocks

And in the evenings I sit and stitch another La Passacaglia block while watching “Survivor “ 

Great to have another block finished.
Next one cut and ready to glue the EPP papers.

Must away and get that done πŸ‘‹

Happy Stitching 🧡 

Hugs Maria πŸ€—

Saturday, February 17, 2024

FNSI for February

Third Friday of the month again and time to sign up for FNSI with Wendy and friends….after not having internet for a few days I could finally download the next Laundry Basket Birthday blocks.

The blocks have many tiny pieces and Block 6 had the smallest flying geese.

Block 7 

then onto Aussie Hero Blocks..

After taking this photo I realised both blocks were wrong . Can you see what??

Before it was time to go to bed I had time to audition the fabrics for the next La Passacaglia block.

Thank you Wendy for another FNSI.

Must away now and cut the EPP blocks ready to stitch.

Happy Stitching 🧡 

Hugs πŸ€— Maria πŸ’–

Saturday, February 10, 2024

FnwFs X 2

As Cheryll has organised another FnwFs and I had driven  home from the city in very hot weather ( 42 deg cel to 47deg cel outside) thank goodness for air con. I was really tired when I got home so only got some hexies glued before going to bed.

Today after my beautiful morning dip I closed up the house turned on the air con and made the red dragon for RSC.

Now I want to find some fabrics to make my 6th block for the Laundry Basket Birthday Quilt.

Must away, happy stitching 🧡 

Hugs Maria 🩷

Monday, February 5, 2024

Blocks and more blocks!

First was RSC block, Log Cabin. 


 5th Laundry Basket 

Finally the next LaPassacaglia block.

Now I’m auditioning fabrics for the next block.

Must away and check out my fabrics.

Happy Stitching,

Hugs πŸ€— Maria ❤️