Wednesday, January 4, 2012

I have joined………

This year I have joined Jan-Maree to make Aussie Hero Quilts. Do pop over and read about how it started and all the wonderful ladies who stitched up a storm.


This is the label the they put on the quilts and here is my first top.


Waiting for blocky fabrics to arrive to stitch up more.


Will be stitching my flowers with Karen and the other ladies on One Flower Wednesday.

 These are my first three for 2012

Hope to complete some of my  projects each month by participating in

OPAM Challenge  2011

OPAM with Kris and Peg. This will be the third year I have joined these great ladies. Thanks for organising OPAM each year.
Look at the No of finishes everyone completed last year…………

Sew It's Finished 2012

Last year I joined "Sew  It's Finished" run by lovely Dawn and Wendy. Thank you ladies.
Even though I did not get as many finishes as I should have it was fun seeing what all the others finished.
By joining again this year I may finish ALL my UFO’s.  LOL….
Maybe you would like to participate this year, go check it out.

                                       and then there are the monthly swaps
Aussie Block Swap

"Aussie Block Swap"  Thanks heaps Sue.


 "Christmas Swap Blocks" Many thanks to Crafty.

                                                           Plus the BOM.

Free BOM

Each month a different designer gives us a 8” block to make.

Ah….. and then there is also

Stay at Home Robin!

the "Stay at Home Round Robin" run by my good bloggy friend Sunny. Thank goodness she does not put any pressure on us to finish in a hurry. Will be working on my again soon Sunny !!!!

AND "Going Dotty" the Friendship Medallion. I can work on it at my own pace. I only get a new row when I send a photo of the previous one finished.  PHEW………….
Going Dotty Medellion Friendship quilt.

Oh No !! Nearly forgot this one.

Tiny Houses      Jeanneke has extended the sign up date to Jan 16th so you can still join up. The challenge is to make 365 X 3 "  houses out of scraps. My are 6'” so I only need to make 183 .
 Sew you can see why I have to be strong and not sign up for more swaps for awhile.

As I was typing my post DH came in with these

it is our 41st anniversary tomorrow.

I think he is a keeper OX


  1. Happy Anniversary! Your roses are beautiful and lilies(?) are lovely. I always look forward to seeing your Wednesday Hexies. They are always fun and make me smile.

  2. You certainly have your year mapped out! I read about the hero quilts. That is a lovely thing to do. Happy Anniversary. Well done :)

  3. Happy Anniversary to you and your hubby Maria. Those roses are beautiful. I agree that he is certainly a keeper! Hugs, Christine xx

  4. congrats on 41 years...have a lovely day and enjoy those flowers. I will hold you to the no more swaps LOL.... you just cant help yourself can you? The quilts for our Aussie Men look good... will work out a day next week and we will go and quilt them... talk to you soon Linda

  5. I think he's a "keeper" too! Happy Anniversary Maria.
    You certainly have a lot on your plate for now..enjoy! :)

  6. Happy Anniversary. You are going to be soooo busy this year.

  7. You are going to be very busy!
    Happy anniversary!!

  8. He sure is a keeper, happy Anniversary. You certainly have a lot of swaps on the go. its good to stay busy.,

  9. Great projects ... and Happy Anniversary.... enjoy your flowers and your special day...

  10. Happy Anniversary and Many Many More to you both.

    A wonderful cause for the soldiers. Just wonderful.

  11. Thankyou so much for linking to my new blog and wow what a wonderful quilt top - it looks great!!! Also a bug congrats on 41 years - that is an achievement to beat all achievements! How lovely!

  12. Happy Anniversary my friend! You have a busy year ahead! I am looking forward to following along again and seeing your finishes

  13. Oh man! Your going to be busy, thank you for sharing your hexies with us and love your gift from the "Keeper of a Hubby"! Congrats! Kim C ^i^

  14. Happy New Year Maria! It looks like you have a busy year ahead of you. I love your first three flowers for 2012 and I wish you a very happy Anniversary!!!!

  15. Happy, happy anniversary!!!! Yes, he is a keeper.

    You are going to be soooo busy this year. I know you will do an awesome job keeping up too.

  16. Happy Anniversary! Will you still have time to blog with all the sewing you're planning to do? Will you have time to eat? or sleep? Have fun with it all!!

  17. Happy, Happy Anniversary, Maria. I agree...I think your hubby is a keeper!

    Oh my, you are going to be a busy lady all year long! I'm lucky to get through just one project in a month's time. I really need to learn to "step-it-up" a bit! LOL! Enjoy!



  18. Looks like you are going to have an interesting year Maria :-) A great variety of fun projects. Happy Anniversary to you both - lovely that he remembered AND got you flowers. have a nice day.

  19. Happy Anniversary to you both!! The flowers are lovely--you better keep him. You are a busy lady!! I love the surfing pup in the header. What a cutie.

  20. Happy Anniversary to you both !
    Enjoy your day .

    Happy New Year !


  21. Happy Anniversary to both of you. Yes you are going to be busy.You quilt top is lovely. happy quilting jinnie

  22. Happy Anniversary to both of you. Yes you are going to be busy.You quilt top is lovely. happy quilting jinnie

  23. Happy Anniversary! Beautiful hexies, quilt top,....Good Luck with all your projects.

  24. O Maria - another thing we have in common - 41 years of marriage. You ALWAYS put such a big smile on my face.

    From the looks of everything you have on your plate for the new year - this year will be behind you quick as you can blink because you will be so busy. That means another year older and Christmas again - just in the blink of an eye. LOL And I want to see it all!

  25. Happy Anniversary!!! and boy oh boy you are going to be busy this year with all those projects...

  26. Congratulations on the Anniversary, *hugz* from Qld!

  27. Oh....Happy Anniversary...lovely all your projects...'xx (thanks for the plug)

  28. I have no idea how you keep up with it al!!!
    Congratulations on 41 years - that's brilliant.
    Ab x

  29. Happy Anniversary Maria. That is so special being able to celebrate all those years together.

  30. Ahhhh--my Dear friend==I think you forgot one---Di's Christmas club????
    I just finally got the posting done for it and the list--it is on the left side bar of the blog posts--
    you be good now--don't forget to eat and sleep alittle now and then!!!
    Hugs, Di and her miss gracie

  31. Oh Mum,
    Now you are going to need to be strong and not join any more things...he he as if that is going to happen.

    Love you both and I hope you enjoy your time together for many more years.

    Will speak to you soon Love Sandra

  32. I still am making flowers...I need to post them but sometimes blogging takes so much time!


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