Thursday, August 4, 2022

Quick post and sign ups for FnwFs...

Just a quick post as I'm still getting organised for our groups retreat in the big smoke...
Machine, cottons,pins etc are packed as well as my sewing projects in the plastic tub.

Did two to see how it looks.

Not really loving the setting triangle fabric but that's what I bought so will have use it....bit more orangey than photo.

I'm going to Perth tomorrow to spend a few days with my DD and family before retreat on Sunday starts.So I'm sure DD and I will be spending time in her craft room for FnwFs... Even though Cheryll  away on holiday she's put a link up so don't forget to go over HERE to sign up....

Oh! Must away and check the dinner before it burns.

Stay well and happy stitching.

Hugs Maria ❤

Sunday, July 31, 2022

July finishes for OPAM...

Hubby and I were invited to a birthday dinner last night and I decided at 3 pm to make four bowl cosies for the birthday girl.... 

Thankfully they were all done by 5.15 pm , just in time to jump in the shower and be ready for 6 pm...

While getting things ready for retreat I come across an "I Spy" flimsy .. so after joining three pieces of flannelette for the backing and sewing a scrappy binding I have another finish for OPAM ..

Thank you KRIS for yet again pushing me along for a few finishes this crazy month.

Must away now and tidy the "Cave"

Keep well and Happy Stitching.

Hugs  Maria  ❤

Sunday, July 24, 2022

Blocks , Blocks and more Blocks.......

I've spent this past week sewing blocks....    The Pinwheels are the last of the blocks for the 2021 Laundry Basket Mystery Quilt.... and now all the blocks are ready to be sewn together when we go on Retreat in a few weeks...

One thing I was happy to learn was how to spin the center of the seams so they are not so bulky.

Purple was the colour for this months RSC with Angela

  Next the Aussie Hero Blocks

and I also got my  July "Churn Dash" blocks made for Chooky's SAL 

                as well as 6 small "Churns" for Frivol but I didn't get a decent photo to post.

Must away now as it's time for bed......

Stay safe and well 

Hugs  Maria  ❤

Saturday, July 16, 2022

FNSI for July

The weeks go by so quickly and before we know it it's time again to join in for FNSI with Wendy and friends... I enjoy these sew alongs as I get myself organised to get something done....
This time I pulled out 2021's Laundry Basket Mystery Quilt pattern 


and spent far too much time choosing which fabrics to use for each block,

then cutting , sewing and trimming

 pressed ready to join together but I'm happy to have sewn some more blocks as leaders and enders ....

 Thank you Wendy for getting us together .

Will show you them on my next post as 

I must away because the washing machine is calling ,
Stay safe and well , hope you have time to stitch.

Hugs Maria  ❤

Monday, July 4, 2022

Busy Weekend and FnwFs

I drove down to the big smoke last Friday for the weekend to celebrate my DD2 's special Birthday..

Along with 10 other lovely ladies we enjoyed delicious savories ( didn't get a photo of them) and little decadent  cakes.

Sunday we were off to see the "Van Gogh Alive....."

It was just FANTASTIC.....

Afterwards we went to the "Lucky Shag" on the Swan Riverfront for brunch....

Evenings I was still able to do some hand sewing for FnwFs while chatting ....
I had a wonderful busy couple of days and drove home this morning. 

Must away now and rest.....

Happy stitching and stay safe and well.

Hugs  Maria ❤

Thursday, June 30, 2022

OPAM for June, Churn Dash SAL and FnwFs sign up...

I've spent the past few days working hard to get the new project I started in my last post finished for OPAM  

Got the squares sewn together, sandwiched and pinned over the weekend... 

Did the quilting over the next couple of days

Then onto the binding and I was short about 5"... 
BUT I got it all finished and did the photo shoot yesterday ready to post in time for this months OPAM..

Thanks KRIS for shoving me along to get at least a finish bigger than the tiny can see Here
Look who's sneaking into the photo shoot!

Just re posting my June Churn Dash Blocks for 

and don't forget tomorrow is the first Friday of the month and time to sign up for Cheryll's FnwFs  
It's fun to sew along with our virtual friends and then check their posts to see what they did over the next few days..... 
Must away now and pack for my weekend in the big smoke....

Stay well and Happy stitching

Hugs  Maria  ❤

Saturday, June 25, 2022

Do you ever

have trouble settling on one project ? I've got four on the go 

and then I realised that I won't have a finish for Kris's OPAM this month. 
So whats one to do but start a new project along with the others....

In the evening I've been enjoying crocheting around my blocks and now I'm on the last one. Then I need to learn how to join them...

Some folk have asked about my crochet hook, its an ergonomic one I bought when I was having trouble with my carpel tunnel. 

Today it was 22 deg, a beautiful sunny winter day so I FINALLY cleaned "Charlie" ... Inside and out....

Okay must away and work on my finish for OPAM

Take care and Hugs

Maria  ❤

Saturday, June 18, 2022

FNSI for June

For FNSI with Wendy and friends I did some crocheting

and finished a pair of booties while watching Better Homes and Gardens.

Afterwards I cut out some more Churn Dash blocks before it was time for bed...

Thanks Wendy for a lovely evening of crafting and will pop over to see what others have done HERE

Must away now and pop the kettle on.

Stay safe and well. 

Hugs  Maria ❤

Wednesday, June 15, 2022

Churn Dash !!!

After my fabrics went across Aussie twice before I received them I'm starting to think that Chooky's Churn Dash SAL  is jinxed for me as I spent a lot of time unpicking .

and this wasn't the only one I sewed the wrong way , GRRRRRR! I think I did it at least three times..

Then as I grabbed up a block to sew  I accidentally picked up two......
More unpicking......

I was doing the Frivol churn dashes as a leader and ender project as well but they also didn't want to play...

So I am really surprised that I did manage to get my 8 blocks done for this month 

and also some more Frivol churns......

BUT  I'm over them for now and have started a new project....

Must away and bring in the washing...

Keep well and enjoy some stitching. 

Hugs  Maria  ❤

Friday, June 10, 2022


Firstly I must post the parcel I received from Mary a few weeks ago . Sorry Mary.

It contained this cute "Frog" appliqued on the softest tea towel and the lovely card that has an old McCalls dress pattern on it and the envelope looks like a drafted pattern....

Thank you so much Mary I enjoy using it.

If you noticed on the left of my side bar I have joined Chooky for a "Churn Dash SAL" along with many other ladies from all over the world that also join Chooky on her fun Zoom GTGs.

Of course I needed to buy some fabrics to add to what I have. (Below photo)
As we don't have any stores that sell what I wanted I ordered on line. 

The first parcel arrived quickly ..
Blues for the Churn Dash and the other two for a UFO project.

The second parcel took over fours weeks as it arrived in Perth, Western Australia and then was sent back to Victoria and then back again.
So annoying as it had the background fabric in so couldn't start my cutting and sewing.

Thankfully it's finally arrived so I can start  my 8 Churn Dashes which need to be done by the end of the month. 

Must away make a cuppa and start cutting.

Stay well and I hope you find time to stitch.

Hugs  Maria ❤

Saturday, June 4, 2022

FnwFs and RSC

As it was the first Friday of the month it is always lovely to sew along with Cheryll and friends . For this month I made my BLUE blocks for the RSC . 


Each month I make two Delectable Mountain blocks 
and six half log cabins...

 Thank you to both ladies for organising us for these sew alongs each month. You can pop over HERE to see what others made for FnwFs .

Must away as it's a glorious sunny afternoon so will go out to do a little gardening....

Hope you all keep well and get a chance to stitch..

Hugs  Maria ❤

Tuesday, May 31, 2022

OPAM for May 2022

it's the end of another month and time to post our finishes for OPAM ... 

I've been enjoying putting together this cute cosy quilt and doing some wavy quilting on my new machine.

Had the binding pinned ready to sew on tonight to have it finished but someone was hogging my sewing chair?

Thankfully she got off in time for me to get to work and finish the quilt in time for this months OPAM...

These two quilts will be send to Jan Mac to help folks in need...

Thanks KRIS for pushing us along to get our finishes each month.

Must away and get to bed....

Stay well and hope you get time to stitch.

Hugs  Maria ❤

Sunday, May 22, 2022

FNSI and more

Even though dear Wendy was very busy over the weekend she still managed to put up a quick post and invite us to join in for FNSI this month.....

I spent the evening quilting and continued working on the quilt yesterday till it was finished ....
Afterwards I decided I needed to tackle the mess on the cutting table

I counted six projects on there all I have been started and put aside... So today I worked on my secret project and completed it ..That's one less.
Then I glued some more small Hexies for the pouch project,

before getting dinner organised.

Dinner over , dishes done so it's time to close this post and check out what others did for FNSI   

Thanks Wendy and hope you had a chance to relax today and maybe so a little stitching.

Hugs  Maria  ❤