Saturday, October 31, 2009

Walking and Sewing

I had a wonderful day today. Firstly I went for a walk with my mates to the point. It was perfect weather even
though there were clouds looming in the background.
Later I picked up three of the ladies from our sewing group and drove to Donna's property for Friendship Day. All the ladies looked very busy doing their hand stitching

We had a very special little visitor join our group with his Mum.

The flies were bothering him so Donna had a wonderful idea!!

It was just perfect. Now his Gran could stitch again and not have to shoo the flies.
After some stitching and lots of chatting we had a delicious lunch. Then some more chatting and off home.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

" L Plates"

A few months ago I bought myself a new machine.As the other one was nearly 40years old I have to learn to drive the new one. It has this magic attachment called a BSR unit. I think it is like cruise control on your car. Both drive themselves when put into operation. NO FOOT control it just goes. WOW it is lucky I have an " I Spy" quilt to practise on.                     

I must keep my fingers out of the way as they wil be under the magic foot in no time.                                                                

Monday, October 26, 2009

Look what Arrived!!

I was so pleased today to find a little parcel in the mail.Could not wait to get home to open it. This is the  first swap I have received.
Oh Look what is inside.
 My Friendship bag all the way from the USA. I just love it. Also received a postcard of where my partener lives.A cute bird brooch and candy cane fabric as well. Wow how lucky am I.

Round Robin "08"

Last year our club ran a round robin.                                     
Each of us made the centre block and           

then passed our bag on to the next lady
not to be seen by the owner till the end.
I made the last row on each of these  tops.

Every one was very challenging and so different from the last.
After months of swapping and secrecy all was reviled.
Taa Dah!! my beautiful colourful top has arrived and I am thrilled with it.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

At Last

 At last I have finished the RBR I had to do this month. Only one more to go and then we all get our completed rows. Can't wait to see what has happened after I did the first row.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Lucky Me.

Today when I went to check my post box there was a little card in it. Ohhhhhhh!!!!!! This means I could have a parcel. Have been waiting for my Summertime Swap and my Friendship Bag. I wonder which one it is??

To my surprise it was neither but a gorgeous thong block.

It has come all the way from California,
USA.Sent by Teresa.

You may remember some time ago I posted a story about my thong block swap. Well there were 12 of us in the swap but one lady did not make hers so I was short one block.

Teresa offered  to fill in the hole and make a block. I really love it. Blue is one of my favorite colours. I think it looks great. Do you like where I have placed it????


Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Home Again!

On our way home from Perth this evening I was looking at a magnificent sunset. I took some photos through the window as DH was driving but they do not actually show how beautiful it really was.

Here are also a few photos of the York Retreat my friend Sue and I went to on the weekend.

Look at Nicky's colourful reversible QAYG Quilt she finished off on the weekend. She also quilted my Scrappy Quilt for me. What a wonderful job!! Thanks again Nicky.

 Sue did such a great job taking photos all weekend at the retreat for her blog she was just worn out.Ah Sue!!!
Sleep tight!!!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Some Baking.

My friend Sue and I are off to York for a quilty Retreat this weekend. So I had to do some baking ( not my favorite thing to do) as we were asked to bring along some food.

I decided morning tea was the easiest so have baked a " Honey Bar Slice". Easy!!! Also a friut cake. Could not go away and not make one for DH as well.Fruit cake is his favourite.


Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Some more Quilts

There were many beautiful quilts hanging in the Hall . Here are a few of them.

These photos were taken as I was bouncing along in the back of the truck.I love the quilts hanging off the balcony and between the lovely big trees

Monday, October 12, 2009

Red Hatters and Quilts on Parade.

Our group was invited by the Northampton ladies to join them in the parade for the Airing of the Quilts.

On arrival we meet up with other groups from Geralton and went for a walk along the street to look at the quilts.There were also beautiful quilts hang in different halls.
Then it was time to all gather in the park for the parade where we joined a
 group that had travelled from Perth to join us. They all looked very elegant in thier PURPLE wigs.

We climbed into an old truck. The driver very kindly had a little ladder for us. We were having such a good time singing and waving at the crowd I did not get many photos.           

After the parade was over we stayed in the truck and
got a lift back up the hill but a few of the more bold ladies that had to walk got a lift!!! Then it was time for us to have a cuppa. More chatting and laughter and then time for us to go home. A great day was had by all.



Friday, October 9, 2009

This and That!!

Today I went for the first swim for the season. As it was only 9deg cel. on the verandah when I left home I was not too sure if I really wanted to go. When I arrived at the car park there were only two other ladies brave( or should I say silly) enough to go. After walking down the board walk chatting and then filling our buckets with water we took the plunge. OOOHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!         
 It was freezing at first,took my breath.After swimming a lap and keeping our arms and legs moving we warmed up. Stayed in for about half am hour then wrapped up in our towels, washed our feet and off home

In my mail box today there was a little card. This means I have a parcel to pick up. Could it be my" Summertime Mini  quilt Swap"? Or the little "Friendship Bag" ?  No it was my "Strawberry Freddo" cobblestone swap.
They look good enough to eat!!!
On arriving home I saw something move along the lawn. On closer inspection it was this little guy " A Blue Tongued Lizard" Now I know it is getting hotter when they came out of hibernation. Will have to watch for the other things with NO legs.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Another one Completed

I am so pleased I have completed another swap. It is the cobblestones. This month we did "Asian Splendor" It was "Strawberry Freddos" last month so can't wait to get them in the mail.

Look at the wonderful fresh produce the
ladies gave me yesterday. Lovely homemade
jam, beetroot and real eggs!!

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Busy Day!!

I woke this morning to look out of the window and see the block covered with a heavy sea mist.Once the sun popped it's head up over the horizon it cleared quickly to bring us another beautiful spring day.                 

As it is Tuesday I go to leadlighting and it is a lovely relaxing drive. Along the tree lined road you can see the vast paddocks of wheat crops. Cattle and sheep grazing. There are also small orchids of mangos,manderin and oranges as well as a yabbie farm.

Then I turn into a little lane and at the very end is where my friend lives. We always have a great morning chatting and doing our work.

My kookaburra is starting to take shape. I am pleased with my progress.

I got home round two and then walked into town to the gym with Louise. Up and over the hills. After my workout we walked home . PHEW!!! Don't think I will be doing that again.

Monday, October 5, 2009

In the Post.

I have a white board in the sewing room as I keep entering new swaps and challenges. In order to know when to panic I write on the board the date they need to be made and sent.

I was so pleased today to be able to mark one off .Have enjoyed making various little Xmas gifts for our Dear Victorian folk.I only have to put a label on the table runner and I will be putting them in the mail.
I think I will do the Inchie Swap next and then the Handmade Xmas Swap.