Sunday, March 28, 2010

Mail , Finishes and a Little Visitor.

Was very happy to receive some nice mail last week. One was a giveaway Lyn had. Just look at all the lovely little parcels I had to unwrap to reveal my delightful gifts. Thanks again Lyn.
Also there with were six fat envelopes with great siggys in.

My third Easter PJ bag for a special little friend.

An Angel Stitchery,
that's two more finishes for March.
Look who is visiting behind my "Chook" wall hanging?
AH!  A Gecko. Guess how I track him?? Uh ha, he leaves a trail. He is also fast. Can't catch him to put him outside.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

This and That

It has been a bit noisy on the block for the past few days as we had lost power after a storm. So had the generator running to supply enough power to run the fridge,tele, a light and luckily my computer.
As we supply our own water by means of electric pumps it can be quiet challenging. Especially the flushing of the loo. LOL. After 37hours we were pleased to have the power back on. But alas it was not to last. While doing the tea dishes tonight the lights went out again so back down to the shed (as DH had put everything away grrrrrrrrrr) To set up the generator again.

Okay on a better note I can now post Abby's PIF gift as she has received it. A finish for my Stringy Challenge as well as for the OPAM.
Have finally quilted my car quilt.Enjoyed doing lots of squiggley little cars, flowers and hearts.
Can also post the PJ
 bags I have made for my two youngest GC for Easter.
and a  little stitchery just made for whatever.Yah!! Five finishes to add to the OPAM for March.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Friday Night Sew In 3 in 1

As it was "Friday Night Sew In " I cleaned my machine, put in a new needle, had all my blocks ready and my fabric cut. So after tea with a coffee in hand I settled into my sewing room to join other ladies to just sit and sew.

                                                             After five hours of sewing and 24 blocks later the pile of strips is ALMOST gone.                                                               

 When I got up this morning I went straight into the sewing room and decided to have a PJ day. My DH even got me breakfast. Boiled eggs,toast and a cup of tea. Spent most of the day sewing the blocks together and then after tea finished the quilt.

So  1= I participated in the Friday Night Sew In,  2 = Another finish for the OPAM challenge,  3=  Another QAYG Quilt for the Strippy Challenge as well.



Friday, March 19, 2010

Back Again!!

Home again after spending five lovely days in Perth with DD2 and my two youngest grandchildren.
On Saturday my DD2 some of her friends and I went to see the musical "Chicago". Afterwards we went out for dinner. Was lovely to spend time with all the young ladies.

Sunday the family went along to Grey Company. The group is doing a show this Sunday for All Fools day at the Esplanade so DD2 went along to practise. It is always fun to watch the group all dressed in their armour with shields swords and axes ready to do battle with the enemy.

Monday seemed to fly by with taking children to school some food shopping picking children up taking them to dance karate and then tea.

Tues we had a wonderful day going shopping for fabric having morning tea more fabric shopping home for lunch and DD2 organised our tea. After picking the children up from school we all went to Cottesloe to see the " Scultures on the Beach"
Some very interesting art indeed!
We had lots of fun looking at all the art work and children enjoyed running along the beach. As it was very windy we all hopped in the car and watched the people sailboarding and kite surfing while we ate our tea.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

100th Post.

As this is my 100th post I thought I would like to share with you some of my favorite things like,

Having fun with the family
Spending time with friends, sewing


Going for long walks along the beach    And eating and drinking in great company.

I would also like to show you some of the furry, feathered, scaley and spicky creatures that live or visit us on the block.


Thank you to all my blogging friends for reading my posts.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Sent and Received

As it was a long weekend I organised
a few projects that needed to put into
the mail. First was one of my PIF gifts.
Then two swaps that I have joined,
some siggy blocks also had to be done.            
Now they are on there way all over
the world.
Today when I checked my mail box there were some more lovely siggy blocks. Also a red and white card which meant there was something to pick up that would not fit in the my post box.
I wonder what it could be??? Oh a BIG Squishy parcel from USA.

On returning home I opened it to discover my "Winter Mini Swap"

I just LOVE it. Deborah has called her little quilt "Peppermint Pines" The photo does not show you how

 gorgeous it really is. Great label and the card is beautiful too.
Thank You Deborah.