Saturday, January 31, 2015

Not Much Sewing

I am enjoying my early morning walks


with Lacy,



then go bobbing with my friends


and today we had a coffee at the Marina watching the little catamarans go out to sea to race..


it has been hot and muggy this afternoon before we had a thunder storms which has now knocked out the power….

DH has gone fishing sew I went into the shed put the generator on the bag trolley and got power to  the house.. At least I can put a fan, the fridge and tele and not be sitting in the dark…


thankfully I still had some of DD yummy bolognaise in the freezer and we have a gas stove.


I have enjoyed a delicious tea and now I can visit my bloggy friends on my laptop ( till the battery runs out )

What have you been doing today ????? 

Hugz  Maria Smile

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Oh it’s HOT !!

the temperature soared over 40 deg cel today, Lucy was happy to flake out in the cool laundry floor

Jan 2015

and I stayed in the Air Conned house and sewed my Binding together for the “Charm Stars” quilt.



even found a good way to hold the binding as I seed it onto the quilt…


Taa Dah !!!!! All Finished….


wasn’t going out in the heat to hang the quilt higher to get a better photo .. Sorry…

My DD has made me a fabulous quilt and I would love you to see it HERE ..... Can’t wait to visit her sew I can pick it up….

Hugz  Maria Smile

Sunday, January 25, 2015


It is always nice to sew along with Wendy and the ladies for FNSI.
I decided I just needed to put my “Charming Stars” under the machine and go…


Managed to finish quilting around the stars and a small star in the centre of each.


Nearly did all the shadow quilting along the sashing when the bobbin run out . Sew called it a night.

Thought I would join the Northern Hemisphere ladies last night but just couldn’t get motivated.

Thank you Wendy for another lovely night sewing with you all…

Off for my walk, brekky at the cafe and a dip . Will visit the others to see what you all did for FNSI later today..


Starfish Cafe 2012

To all my Aussie friends have a Fun Filled Australia Day…..

Hugz Maria Smile

Tuesday, January 20, 2015


OH Shoot nearly forgot about CTTY with Anthea but thanks to Cheryll for posting her finish to remind me to post mine….  

Christmas Wishes

I have joined Chooky and her off sider Susan for Nature's Journey SAL this year and our project for January was the little stitchery ..

Sew my “Christmas Angel” is a finish for both…..

Hugz Maria Smile

Sunday, January 18, 2015

Hi !!

I love Sundays , especially this time of year, when I go for a beach walk before joining my friends for brekky/coffee at the Seaside Cafe and afterwards going for a long dip…

Today when I walked over the sand dunes and looked across at the sea I was greeted by this guy enjoying a bobbing up and down on the waves. Happy I had my camera sew I could take a photo of him.  Always think of you Sunny when I see these guys…



He looked so graceful when he fly off …

Not much I can show you on the sewing side as I have been busy with Valentine and birthday gifts.

Can post this little Rug Mug that I made for one of our bobbing friends. We will be going for her Birthday Brekky tomorrow after our dip…


Oh!! nearly forgot to show you what Santa left for me…….

003 (2)

Now I have to learn to drive it….

Hugz  Maria Smile

Saturday, January 10, 2015


Last night was our first FnwFs for 2015 with Cheryll and 54 others. Sew after  organising Hubby it was time to go to the cave and sew.

First I sat down and made my swap block for "Aussie Swap" partner Lee…


and then onto quilting my "Charming Stars"  I am doing with Terry.


and I was delighted to read on Barb’s blog that Terry is doing another SAL for 2015

nine patch1

This is it… I am definitely going to join in as I have many 2 1/2inch scrap blocks. You can see it HERE.

As it is the beginning of a new year and I love to participate in swaps it is time to make the PLEDGE…..

2015 pledge

                    I  Maria will try my upmost  
   To always swap on time.
   To always email a THANK YOU to my partner.
   To be considerate and thoughtful when choosing a gift.
  To give my partner the quality of gift I would like to receive
   To communicate when required.
   To never over commit and let a partner down.
     To advise swap Mama when I receive a gift.

                          This I sewomly pledge.

and I look forward to another wonderful year of swapping thanks to ALL our swap Mamas…….

Thank you Cheryll for another fun night sewing along with all….Will visit others over the weekend HERE .....

Hugz  Maria Smile

Saturday, January 3, 2015

Last Night

my DD who lives in the city, and I decided we would have our own “Sew In”.. It reminded me of how FNSI started. 

Back in 2009 cousins, Heidi and Bobbi, agreed to sit and sew one the third Friday of the month when Bobbi moved away from where Heidi lived. They would also chat on the phone.. DD and I messaged on the iPad.

Then they invited others to join in. I signed up for my first FNSI on Nov 20th 2009 and posted the next day. There were only five ladies then including Heidi and Bobbi. The Sew In continued grow with folk joining in from all over the world .

Heidi and Bobbi kept us organised till June 2013, when life got in the way and our Wendy from Sugerlane Designs decided to keep FNSI going. Yah!!  Wendy’s first sign up was on July 2013.  I was sew pleased that FNSI continued and I don't think I’ve missed one since I started….

Oh!  best get back to this post….

Last night I was delighted to have sewn the sashing on my "Charm Square Stars" and


this morning I did the borders…  Hooray !!  now I  just need to sandwich it and do the quilting but I am not sure how ??   Any Ideas !!

DD hasn't posted yet as she is having computer troubles Sad smile

Must get the washing off the line before it blows away……

Hugz   Maria Smile