Saturday, October 31, 2015


Where has October gone ????? It’s been a very busy month for Hubby and I but I managed to finish a special birthday quilt in time that you can see HERE and my Christmas Swap gifts.. There will be lots to show for December OPAM…

Last week I joined Jenny for “ Hand Made , stitched with heartstrings” On the post there was a link for a QAYG Table Runner sew  I got out my box of Christmas Fabrics…



ELEFANTZ homemade stitched with heartstrings button (1)

and in no time I had two more gifts.. Love the way these come together sew quickly and also a great way to use up those scraps. Pop over to Jenny's to see more lovely gifts to make.

Sew for October I have  a Quilt, Postcard and two Table runners for OPAM.
A big thank you to Moo Moo Peg and the lovely Kris for organising us for OPAM each month…

I am off for a nana nap now as I have a dreadful cold…..Sad smile

Hugs Maria… Sad smile

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Postcard swap and Jenny.

I joined Sheila's post card swap again and Lin from France was my partner…The theme was anything of our own choice.

Both cards have been received and this is the fabulous one Lin sent me…..

Lin's Postcard. 2015

Love the way Lin used the small pieces of fabric to create this beautiful scene..

For Lin I thought I’d send a little sunshine and flowers.

Oct 2015 Swap for Lin France

I love making and receiving these lovely little cards sew thanks Sheila for organising us again.

The lovely Jenny has invited us to join her for Hand Made Stitched with Heartstrings Pop over HERE and read all about it and join in.

ELEFANTZ homemade stitched with heartstrings button (1)

What a fabulous way to get gift ideas and make them.. Thank you Jenny for finding all the great sites…..

off to get ready for Patch now,

Happy stitching..

Hugz  Maria   Smile

Sunday, October 18, 2015


As we have been travelling for the past few months I have a lot of machine sewing to catch up on sew I joined The Lovely Wendy and 40 others for FNSI by Two….

for Friday Night in the Southern Hemisphere I managed to finish the Birthday quilt…


Pieced Back…


This quilt has been a lot of hard work as I started quilting it way back in May and when I had nearly finished I decided I wasn’t happy with it sew I unpicked it…Grrr!!! But I am happy with it now….

Firstly last night I sorted the papers for EPP SAL


and finally decided on my fabrics…

Then on to more secret sewing…


Thank you Wendy for two lovely nights sewing… Now to pop over HERE to see what others have worked on..

Happy Stitching……………..

Hugz Maria Smile

Thursday, October 15, 2015

Special Mail and FNSI

On our return of our second road trip there was some Special Mail waiting for me……


That big parcel is from my blogging friend Ellyn in Texas and not to be opened for a few weeks ( thanks Ellyn XX ) but I was allowed to open the small from Kris as I was September’s OPAM lucky winner…


Kris wrapped it in the lovely Bear paper and look at the cutest wee card…


and inside was one of Kris’s fabulous bag patterns, pretty threads and fabric…Thanks Kris I love my gifts….

As we have been away for three months, with a two week break in between at home, I have a lot of Christmas Swap sewing to catch up on sew I have joined Wendy for FNSI this week…..


Don’t forget to pop over HERE to sign up…There only three more sew ins till Christmas and just two till my swaps need to be in the post.. Oh and I also have a special birthday quilt to be finished before Nov 3rd…..

Best get off this machine and into the Cave to sew…..

Happy Stitching

Hugz Maria Smile

Saturday, October 10, 2015

No Sewing Happening

because we are on the road again..


with these guys


first we visited Wave Rock Hyden WA


Mr Muscles….       12119000_10207294554469481_7711261959194344306_n

then onto Esperance.


catching the views


some were brave enough to swim, the water is freezing…….

and also climb Frenchman's Peck


view form the top….


while hubby and I enjoyed the beach views…..


tomorrow my DD and family are off to climb Peck Charles but we are staying home to just relax before heading off to Albany on Monday…

Hugz Maria  Smile

Saturday, October 3, 2015

FnwFs and A new Project

It’s the first Friday of the month again. How does it come around sew quickly… October already sew there are only two more FnwFs with Cheryll and the ladies before Christmas.        
I had an early start this afternoon and sewed some more QAYG Blocks which I popped in the mail..


organised some more secret applique sewing


and then sat and did a little secret stitchery….


I think I must be crazy, no I know I am.. Look what I have joined now….


EPP with lots of needle turn… Can you see how many pieces are in that packet ?? This is what happens when I am up late browsing… Smile 


tomorrow in Aussie it is the AFL Football final and OUR West Aussie team THE EAGLES are it it………..

                                                      GO THE EAGLES

Must away to bed now..

Hugz  Maria Smile