Wednesday, October 31, 2018

OPAM for October

I've been having trouble with both my iPhone and laptop so I'm posting on my iPad. Not my favourite thing to do but I hope it works....

At the workshop last Saturday we made a Mongo Bag . Was nice to have mine complete for this months OPAM . Big thanks to Peg and Kris for making sure I have afinish. ( sorry Peg and Kris , don't know how to do links on iPad 😒)

And the other big finish for this month was my " On Ringo Lake" 

Not the best post but at least I was able to post my two finishes 😬
Well must away and get some sleep😴

Happy Stitching 

Hugz Maria 😘

Saturday, October 20, 2018

FNSI for October.

Last night I joined the Wonderful Wendy and friends for FNSI , thanks Wendy for organising us eah month.....

 I stitched these little Hearts for
" An Angels Story"

also prepared the next block.

sewed the rest of my 2 1/2" squares into 4 Patches for our Mongo Bag workshop next Saturday.

Then spent some time getting 'Shields" ready to take to ""Days for Girls" sewing day today.

 Was a lovely day sewing with the other ladies and enjoying a nice lunch on the verandah.

Must away now to see what others have done HERE for FNSI........

Happy Stitching,

Hugz  Maria 😘

Thursday, October 18, 2018

FNSI... and A Finish !!

Don't forget tomorrow night is the third Friday of the month and time to join the Wonderful Wendy for FNSI. You can pop over HERE to sign up.. Always fun to sew along ...

I can finally post my "On Ringo Lake" finish..(.Bonnie Hunter's 2017/18 Mystery.) after attaching the binding and popping on a label....

Delighted to have it completed but not sure if I'll tackle Bonnie's next Mystery. Will check out the colours and see.

Must away and organise a project for tomorrow night.

Happy Stitching

Hugz  Maria  😘

Thursday, October 11, 2018

Catch up..

Firstly I realised it's been awhile since I showed you my Angels from " An Angel Story"

     "Dimity the Dreamer"

          "Angela the Animal Lover"   

 "Sarah the Sewing Angel

the September Block from "Gnomes" BOM by Fat Cat Patterns...

and an update on some of the projects the ladies worked on ...

Jenny completely finished  a Baby Shaggy Quilt.                                     

Look at the amazing quilt Di is working on...

                                                  All EPP  ....the block looks great.

Mary's Japanese quilt top.

Lee's make great progress on this fantastic Anzac Quilt top.


Yvonne's " One Block Wonder"

                   I still have to add some more blocks to my " Simplify Quilt" by Cluck Cluck Sew ...

Must away to cut a few more blocks ..

Happy Stitching.

Hugz Maria   πŸ˜˜

Saturday, October 6, 2018

FnwFs and Stay at Home Retreat.

I  was lucky enough on Friday evening to not only sew along with my virtual friends for FnwFs but also the ladies from Patch for our Stay at Home Retreat weekend.

Didn't work on any of the projects in the previous post but took along two different ones...

This one

a great pattern By "Cluck Cluck Sew".....

At the end of this month our Patch group is doing a "Mondo Bag " Workshop.
we needed to pre -cut 192 = 2 1/2 " squares and sew into 4 patches. I'm doing mine as a leader and ender while doing the blocks for the quilt.

Thanks to Cheryll for organising our little group for another fun night of stitching. I'll visit you all over the next few days HERE.

All the ladies have busy working on many different projects ....

Helen sewed the last of the binding on this amazing Table Runner.

Yvonne's working on a One Block wonder table cloth.

Avery is making a Splendid Sampler Block.

Jan's doing a quilt for her son...

Jenny's making a "Shaggy Quilt"

Linda's doing blocks for a Christmas Quilt'

Mary's blocks for a Japanese one

There are some ladies projects I didn't get to photograph but you can see how busy we are.
Hope to do another post on the retreat later..

Must away now and get ready for bed. Another day of sewing tomorrow.  😍

Happy Stitching.

Hugz Maria 😘

Wednesday, October 3, 2018

Side Tracked and FnwFs sign up.

I went into the " Cave " this morning to sort out what to take to Patch today as well as organise something for FnwFs and we are also having a  " Stay at Home Retreat " this weekend but got sidetracked.

Don't know why but I started digging in the Scrap Box

 and got out the  " Pinata " UFO  blocks and the " Scrap Sheep " pattern by Toni  from The Red Boot Quilt Company

They were not what I intended to do... I have the binding to put onto " On Ringo Lake "

Love the swirly flower quilting Deb did....

and I'm trying to finish Lynette Anderson's Seaside Town this month........

Guess there's no shortage of projects for me to work on... Now which one first ?????

What will you be working on for  FnwFs... You can pop over HERE to sign up...

Must away to Patch and enjoy stitching with my friends.

Happy Stitching

Hugz  Maria 😘