Wednesday, September 27, 2023

Been busy on the Block.

After our Quilt Show Hubby went off for a 10 day bloke's trip and you'd think I'd have a chance to kick back and relax NO I find I enjoy hooking up our flatbed trailer onto the quad and do some cleaning up on the block. 


I did a couple of loads each day. Before hubby left, he trimmed branches off the gums which I also picked up. I know you think I'm weird, but I enjoy this job.😊 

There was a pot plant on the patio that was really overgrown I wanted to separate; it was a tricky job because I didn't want to break the lovely pot. 

You can see why it was so hard to get out. The plant has now been repotted into this pot and into two others to give away.

I also got the chance to revarnish Hubby's outside chair,

and repurpose some old curtains into new cushion covers.....

would you believe Hubby didn't even notice when he got home!

BUT it wasn't all work and no play. I did enjoy listening to some lovely audio books while doing  sewing.

there are 15 of Josephines audio books and I now only have one more to listen to . 
I have shed many tears as I listen to her stories, I do reamend them.

When I had finished making Chain Links there were loads of scraps and as it's Tilda fabric decided I had to sew these tiny bits together. 


I think they'll make a couple of placemats and pot holders...

1 3/3" X 3" 

Some Aussie Hero Blocks for Sept.. 

and my take on this month's RSC "I Spy" block .As well as some secret sewing....

Thanks for hanging in till the end but I 

Must away now and organise some dinner....

Happy Stitching.

Hugs  Maria.

Tuesday, September 19, 2023

Some Photos of our Quilt Hanging.

 This was the Dongara Patchwork Clubs 9th Quilt Hanging and what an amazing show it was. There were 279  Quilts etc to display from only 24 of our members. We have a fantastic lady in charge of doing all the catering as well . All home made cakes by members, fresh scones cooked all day as well as delicious sandwiches and wraps. So we're kept very busy all day. 

This is just a small sample of  200 +  beautiful quilts on show. 
I'm hoping to get some photos from other members of the rooms etc. I can post later....

And it always surprises me at the end of the day how fast everything comes down.

and now it's time to rest...

Must away and organise dinner.

Hugs Maria ❤

Sunday, September 17, 2023

Setting Up and FNSI

As it was the third Friday of the month, I joined Wendy for FNSI but earlier I was rostered on to help collect quilts to take to the Rec Centre for the club's Quilt Hanging. Car packed to the top.....

There was a great team setting up all the hangers.

and then it was time to get the quilts up. 

Was good to have such fabulous volunteers to help

after a busy day it was lovely to be home and after dinner, sit, relax and stitch along with Wendy and friends.

It's been a fantastic weekend and I'll post some more photos in the next post.,for now I

Must away to enjoy a cuppa.

Happy Stitching 

Friday, September 8, 2023

Finally Finished..

After many many hours of cutting 1055 triangles sewing them together ( also loads of reverse sewing) quilting in the ditch Chain Links is DONE! 

I've also put the binding ,sleeve and label on my GGD Mia's quilt that will be gifted for Xmas so will be in our Quilt hanging first .

All the members displaying quilts etc were given numbers to attach to each quilt so they correspond with our catalogue which I did last night.

Now to fold them and delivery to the team ( I'm on that one) to sort into categories.  Black and White plus one colour challenge, Paint Chip challenge, Row by Row are just a few of the challenges our group have done since our last quilt hanging.

It's always nice to see each group hung together .

Is anyone else finding doing a post frustrating????? It has taken 3/4hr to do this post as it takes so long for my photos to download. Not sure if it's my photos, the internet or my computer ??

Well must away as I need a coffee...

Happy Sewing 

Hugs  Maria ❤

Sunday, September 3, 2023

FnwFs for Sept...

As it was the first Friday of the month I joined Cheryll and friends for FnwFs... I made an early start  to get Chain Links quilted .  

I decided to quilt in the ditch and after a couple of hours turned it over to check the back....

Oh NO!!!!! it had puckered in a few places so had to do a lot of reverse sewing and re pin....

As it was getting late I called it a night.

Saturday was a busy day as I had to sell raffle tickets at the local IGA for our quilt raffle , then coffee with my dear friend , home for some lunch and some more quilting and then back into town for more raffle ticket duty...

This morning I decided to have a break from the never-ending quilting and put a binding on my GGS's "Minecraft " quilt... Now only needs a sleeve to be ready for the Quilt Hanging....

Must away , make a cuppa and back to the quilting....

Happy Stitching 

Hugs Maria ❤

Sunday, August 20, 2023


It was a special FNSI as I was able to spend some time doing hand sewing while also joining Chooky for a ZOOM meeting.....  in the afternoon.

I did some hand sewing and completed one of the La Passacagila Blocks..

Later in the evening I worked on Franken batting  that.

I needed to get two quilts ready to take to the quilter ... 

Thanks  Wendy  and  Chooky  for a fun Friday afternoon and evening...

Must away and put on the kettle for a nice Milo...

Happy Stitching 

Hugs Maria ❤

Sunday, August 6, 2023

FnwFs and RSC for August

Even though Cheryll away on holidays she still gets us together for FnwFs and I decided to go through my stash and get out some yellows for Angela's RSC . 

My "I Spy" Block.....

Not happy with the colour of the photo. I took lots, even waited to do the post till this morning so I could take some photos outside. Still not the right colour yellow. Will have to do.

Also made the smaller 3 1/2" X 5 1/2" blocks .

Must away and organise some things to go into my project box for retreat.

Happy Stitching 

Hugs  Maria ❤

Tuesday, August 1, 2023

It's Done!

Finally my Mystery Laundry Basket quilt is done .. I stared cutting and piecing all the blocks in 2022 and got the top made and ready to be delivered to Sandy to be quilted .
I decided to do the hand applique on the borders after it was quilted as the fabric seemed to fray a lot.
First I had to make the vines, leaves, big and small circles before I could start stitching ... Many hours of sewing it is now FINISHED.

So happy to have this quilted finished in plenty of time to hang at our Patch Groups Quilt Hanging in September.

Must away now to organise something to sew on Friday for FnwFs with Cheryll and friends.

Happy Stitching 

Hugs  Maria ❤

Saturday, July 22, 2023


I got an early start on our second FNSI and sewed sleeves onto a few quilts ready for our Quilt Hanging    

and later I cut and put together four more Minecraft Blocks
Thank you Wendy for an fun FNSI  .  Look forward to catching up with others to see what they did.

Must away as I'm running late for croquet...

Happy Stitching 

Hugs Maria  ❤

Saturday, July 15, 2023

FNSI for July ( the 1st )

It's lovely to have two FNSI's this month with Wendy. and friends.. I had a fun time sewing some more "Minecraft " blocks for my GGS's quilt... 


They are easy to put together but I find it takes longer to decide on the fabrics and cut them....

Later in the evening I worked on some more of the slow applique stitching on the Laundry Basket border, last one. 
No pic as I'm sure you're tired of seeing it. 

As soon as all the hand sewing is done I'll be able to cut into my gorgeous FQ bundle of  the lasted range of Tilda fabrics I purchased from "Kitty Rose Cottage" FNSI's generous sponsor.

Maybe I'll be able to work on them for second FNSI  next week?

I must away now as it's time to find something for dinner.

Happy Stitching 

Hugs  Maria ❤

Saturday, July 8, 2023

FnwFs for July

Was so good to finally have "Who's at the Zoo" finished while sewing along for FnwFs .

Even stitched the label on...

and later in the evening I worked on the never ending Laundry Basket applique... Just so many leaves and circles.....

Must away and make some more circles 

Happy Stitching 

Hugs  Maria ❤

Wednesday, July 5, 2023

RSC for July , Catching Up.... and sign up for FnwFs.

I had promised myself I wouldn't do anything else until I'd finished quilting "Who's at the Zoo" BUT I got side tracked . Angela had posted that RED was the colour for July's RSC and as I'd put some reds aside I decided to make the blocks..... 

My "I Spy" Block and the 

6 = 3 1/2" X 5 1/2" ones

then I made a couple of beachy coasters 

and bowl cosies for a friend

After a long chat with my DD1 I was pleased to find out her GS1 ( my GGS ) loves Minecraft so what's an Oma to do but find a pattern and make a block or four.........Okay more for another day..

and in between I've been busy cutting and gluing more circles and leaves for the Laundry Basket.  

I have a little more sewing to do on the third border and then onto the last one. It's a slow process but I'm enjoying it......

So now I will finish "Who's at the Zoo" so I can join in with Cheryll and friends for FnwFs and maybe start on a new project???? do pop over HERE to join in.

Must away now and get dressed , I was having a PJ day, but need something at the shop.....

Happy Stitching 

Hugs  Maria ❤

Monday, June 19, 2023

FNSI for June

As we had another power outage I joined Wendy for FNSI in the afternoon and cut and glued pieces for both La Passaglia and my Laundry Basket applique.

 Then I sewed on the vine and some leaves on the quilt.....

I'm finding this very slow going. I've finished one side and am now working on the second. Two more to go!!!

After the power was restored I enjoyed doing some quilting on "Who's at the Zoo"

A huge thank you to Wendy for organising us even though she's been busy caring for her MIL.
You can see who joined in and what they made by popping over HERE

Must away and hang some washing. 

Hugs  Maria ❤