Wednesday, August 31, 2011

One Flower Wednesday.

I seem to have lost a day. It was not till I saw others blogging about their flowers that I realised it was Wednesday AGAIN.


By joining Karen and the other ladies I am keeping up with making flowers for my garden. Do pop over and check them all out.
Thanks Karen for helping me with my blooms each week.

P.S. Can you see the lovely Red Grevilla Flowers too!!

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

In a Muddle!!! and OPAM Finishes.

It was only two weeks ago when my cave was like this.


But now I am in a muddle again. Does this happen to you too!!!


I think it is because I am involved in too many fun things like

Henrietta BOM,052

STAR Quilt-A-Long,029

Friendship Medallion,051

Stay at Home Round Robin,

A Mystery Quilt with the ladies at Patch,
001 (3)
I am also involved in four swaps. Two Hexie groups. As well as trying to finish some UFO’s.   001 (2)

In the midst of the muddle I am still able to post some  finishes for this month’s  OPAM.

This Guy
A Pencil roll
Zach's pencil roll
Some Rug Mugs

My Once a Season Swap

Sping Swap for Shez 2011

and my “Cotton Reel” Wall hanging. Which was also a UFO.


Tomorrow I think I will work on ONE project at a time. LOL.

Monday, August 29, 2011

Some Lovely Gifts

Today I received my  "Once a Season" gift from Shez.
It was a large parcel so it was fun undoing all the layers to discover what was inside.

A beautifully stitched table centre, a lovely hand towel and TWO strings of Gerbera Fairy lights to brighten my patio.


Thank you Shez for my gifts.

My DD2 and family have returned from their holiday and they bought back some gifts for me .

001     Red,White and Blue!!


REAL Danish Tea, lovely Dotty Egg Cups and a “Finish Elf”.
Don’t you just love her? I do. Thank you.

Click on the photo belong and you can read about her.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

It’s that time again. One Flower Wednesday

I have been busy on the block pulling these.“Double Gees” very nasty prickles.


after filling the bin I have only done the tiniest  section on the block. Sad smile


But I am pleased it is One Flower Wednesday so I could show you some pretty flowers too.


Click on the link and pop over to see more of the ladies who join Karen every week.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Small Finishes.

I am pleased that I am getting my mojo back and have a few SMALL finishes to show you.
One of our swimming ladies is not well so a friend asked me if I could make her a Rug Mug,


and I had the this in my box of goodies to go with it. Hope it cheers her up.
Also made a reversible Mug Rug for the friend.

014      007

I have finished my swap and it is ready to go in the mail.
005 (3)

can only give you a sneak peek of what is inside.


It is so nice to have my favourite flowers out of the garden inside.

They smell sooooo lovely.

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Coffee, FNSI and Nice Mail.

 We have the most glorious day here today so when I went into town I met up with a friend and had coffee at my favourite place. It was so nice to sit there drink coffee and chat.

Last night for FNSI everything seemed to go wrong. I decided to finish some stitchery for a secret swap and I knocked the cottons everywhere.


Then I discovered I had cut my project to small. ( cannot show you, it’s a secret) so went to sharpen my pencil and I spilled the shavings .


Sew I decided to put that aside and start on something else. I am pleased to say it went well.

A gift for a little friend.  
      005 (2)
003 (2)   

Was happy with this finish and went on to make a block for my “ Star Quilt-A-Long

001 (2)

Yesterday I received two squishies in the mail.

Lovely blocks from Gai sent with a beautiful necklace. Thank you Gai.


and three gorgeous stitcheries I had sent for


I really would love to start one but I MUST finish some other UFO’s first.

Now I am going out to play in the sunshine.


Wednesday, August 17, 2011

It’s Wednesday Already!!!

OOPS!!! I nearly forgot to do my post for "One Flower Wednesday" 
Have been so busy this week I did only get one flower stitched to add to my garden,


because I have been busy in my other garden ( The Block) .


After many hours of mowing and spraying it is at last starting to look better after our four weeks away.


Also I have finally found my sewing machine and cutting table in the “ Cave”


Can you see one of my projects I HOPE to do on FNSI ??

Monday, August 15, 2011

PSSSSST !!!!!!!

Don’t forget " Friday Night Sew In"  this week August 19th.

You can go over to " Heidi's Blog " now and sign up.

Friday, August 12, 2011

Who’s been a Busy Girl ???

When I woke this morning I decided one way to get back into the mood for sewing was to organise my cave and get a few swaps done.



So after brekkie and before going to exercise I managed to empty and tidy ONE box of fabrics.


On my return it was too nice to work inside so thought I would attack the weeds with these.



First I had to find the hose


and roll it up.

After mowing here

013 (2)

I found this. Can you see the line. It goes from behind the house over our driveway and into the trees on the other side.


What busy little fellows ( Ants). Running up and down hundreds of times to make the track. We could not see them when the grass was long.  ( Click on photo to get a better look.)


Looks so much better and in a few weeks the spray will do the rest of the job.


After a nice long shower I sat down for dinner. AS DH is off rescueing a friend I cooked up a big pan of Beef Stir Fry last night so only had to heat it.


Yum!! Some Honey Greek Yogurt for afters.


Now I will make a coffee and go back into the cave and do some more tidying.