Thursday, April 29, 2010

What Fun!!

When I looked out of the kitchen window it was such a glorious Autumn morning.

 I decided to ring my friend Louise and see if she would like to go for a walk to the point.

As the beach was quiet soft it was hard going so when got there we were feeling hot and the water looked so inviting. Of course we did not have our bathers on.

 As there was no one in sight we decided to go for a swim in our underwear. Yeek!! not a good look but we ran giggleing like school girls into the water.   
It was just lovely. When it was time to get out along come a car. Driving ever so slowly. So back into the water laughing, until the car went out of sight. Now RUN. BUT we could not find where we left our clothes.What a sight. Two ladies running up and down on the beach in their underwear. LOL.
Oh NO here comes the car. YES, our clothes and then up into the sand dunes to remove the wet things and put on our T shirt and shorts to walk back . 
What Fun!!!!!!!!

What did you do today????      

Monday, April 26, 2010

Bags Completed.

About a month ago Dawn was offering for sale the pattern to make a "Baseco Mahal Kita" tote. It was to raise money for the people of Baseco. I am sure you can still buy one.

My DD2 had given me these scraps of fabric and I thought it would be perfect to make the bag. Instead of the embroidery blocks I used butterfly blocks.

Today I also completed some more Rice Bags for Hiam Health in Dili.

I can pop them into the mail tomorrow.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

This and That!!

After returning from Perth this week there was
some lovely mail waiting for me to open.

Look at the range of great siggy's .     

Also one of my blogging friends, Polly, had sent me patterns from USA to make "Tuffets".

This is a whole new way of using up TINY scraps. The centre shoo fly block in the B/W tuffet has blocks 1" square. Even though they were time consuming to make I really enjoyed the end result.

Thank You Polly.
Remember this Photo???

Some time ago some of the ladies from The Patch were in a swap with the ladies from the
Narromine quilting group. We exchanged 3 FQ's ribbons buttons and notions. Oh we also sent along our favorite pkt of sweets and a small gift.

This what my partner Gai sent to me.  I think a little mouse ate some of the "Chicos" before I got a chance to take a photo .LOL
The brown fabric, laces and bells are Gai's and the beautiful blue FQ's were my pressie.

My swap has reached it's destination so now I am able to post Gai's finished piece.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Friday Night Sew, OPAM and My Swap

Love  Friday Night Sew In I always get something done.
 This week I was visting my DD2 but I still got my 
 Embroidery Swap  finished. Now I am just waiting
 to hear who my partener is and hope it is suitable.              
DD2 also joined in with the Sew In and completed the top of her Xmas Stitchery. Next we went through some of her fabric boxes to find some material to make rice "BAGS for Hiam Health in Dili"

This morning both my GC helped stitch the Rice Bags.

We got 6 bags made, thanks for your help kids!!!!

Monday, April 12, 2010

Great Day!!

Yesterday was just such a great day!!

 Firstly I went to Irene's to do dying with the ladies from The Patch. Once all our pieces of fabric where all in there jars or on the line it was time to enjoy our bring and share lunch.
After eating ,drinking and chatting all took home some jars and washed out the material.

Love them all hug out on the line!!

In the afternoon Louise and I went for a big walk to the point .
On the way back we had a lovely swim.
After dinner I went into my sewing room and stitched.
It was the best way to end a great day!!

Saturday, April 10, 2010

The Ugly Swap.

I have been waiting a long time to do this post. Some weeks ago I signed up for the "Ugly Fat Q Swap". My partener was Lyn from Queensland. I sent her my ugly Fat Q, some ric rac,buttons and embellishments. As well as some chocolate.

Then Lyn's "Ugly Fat Q" and goodies arrived
on the some day as my copy of
Patchwork and Stitching.

As soon as I saw the cover I know
I just had to make the owl.

The fabric was perfect.

When I had completed my project I popped it in the mail

In a few weeks my "Ugly " returned and is now a gorgeous little bag.
Thank you Lyn. I love it!!

While in Perth Lyn e-mailed me to say her parcel had arrived so now I can introduce you to

  Ollie and Owen.
I would like to thank Fiona and Jenny
For the fun swap.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

A Lovely Morning!!

Spent a delightful morning at my friend Jo's doing some leadlighting
and having a lovely chat.
It has been far too hot to play with glass and as it is a little cooler have enjoyed getting back into it. I was very pleased to have finally completed my three Kookaburras.
Only have a little to go and will be finished.

On the way home I felt a little sad as it would be the last time for me
to do leadlighting at Jo's. Jo and her DH have sold up, bought a van and are going to join the many others travelling the roads around Australia.I am sure they will have lots of fun and have many adventures to share.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

On a Roll

I am on a roll.  A table runner for my daughter.
Would liked to have finished it last night so my DD1 could have taken it home today but am a day late. Will give it to her next we meet.

Finished another really fun project but this all I can show for now. Sorry. It is a swap and my partener may see my blog!!!! Will do a post when she has received it.

Friday, April 2, 2010

First Finish for April!!

My friend Jean went to NZ for her grandson's wedding and the birth of her first great grand child. A little Girl. While away it was her birthday so I decided to make a quilt for her. I had a whole month so it would be easy. LOL.

 In one of my boxes I have heaps of cobblestone blocks I collected in a swap last year. So sorted some lovely ones I thought would suit. Laid them out on the spare bed and left them there.

A week before Jean was due to come home I finally put the blocks together. Over the last few days I finally quilted it. Just cross hatched as it is quick

Jean come home last weekend . I am going to visit her over Easter and will give her the quilt.

I am very happy with it. What do you think.