Sunday, January 15, 2012

A Busy Sunday.

Went for my swim this morning and afterwards had coffee at the seaside cafe with the ladies.
South Beach Feb 2011

then I had to do a little cleaning while my bread was baking…...


it was so hot when I finished went for a nice cool shower and then into the cave.


Made the pinwheel and hourglass blocks for my Round Robin.


After all the trouble with previous border I decided to KISS ( keep it simple silly) this one.
Must say I do like it and will do some applique on it later.

As I was behind with my construction work, had to make fours houses.

did some stitching


and then unpinned two quilts.


wasn’t until after I had pinned them and quilted another I found out I was using the wrong wadding. It took just as long to unpin as it was too pin. Grrrr!!

Hope you had a great day too...............


  1. Hello Maria,
    So I see you also built houses like so much quilters.
    Nice to see and your bread can I have a slide only with a little butter
    jummy that's nice

  2. You were very busy today! Now it's time to sit back and relax a little. It's still early in the day here so I need to get off the computer and go into my cave to finish up a couple projects.

  3. A busy day alright - what a great balance of exercise, housework and sewing!Your SAHR is really growing and looking good - I like you scrap houses too. I've got a pinned quilt I want to undo also and I'm not looking forward to that! PS your bread looks yummy.

  4. Oh Maria , you have been so busy and so productive , now I really must get going on the RR , I think I may just keep it simple this time too ,how big did you make your blocks?Poor you having to unpin your quilt but I guess it is best to find out these things before the quilting process starts . The bread looks really tasty!hugs Sheila

  5. Ha! I had a nice cool shower this morning, too, but mine wasn't refreshing! Bread looks yummy, and stitchy projects are great. You're now ahead of me on the SAHR. Must. Get. Busy.

  6. Lovely houses - both your new little ones and on your RR top.

    Un-anything is unproductive - hope it plays nice next time.

    Have a wonderful week and stay cool.

  7. I have 32 houses now so far. I figure I need to get as many done as I can while I am still elated about them. My sew in friends DELIGHTED in informing me I only had only had 334 left to do!

    Love the Round Robin. It is spectacular!

    I never thought about unpinning once I got a sandwich pinned. But, I will learn from you NOT to do it!


  8. You were very busy Maria. That bread looks very yummy. Your next round of borders looks good. I'm looking forward to seeing what you applique. I know how annoying it is to unpick pasting pins. I once pinned a one-way backing fabric on Mitchell's first quilt upside down. Everyone told me that no-one would notice as it was backing but I knew I always would. So I undid it and started again! Now I always triple check the backing before I start pinning.

  9. sure was a busy day but so productive.... love the little houses (you know I do!!) - the round robin is coming up a treat and I love your fabrics in your recently unpinned quilt.... at least that job is over!!!

  10. I just love the ocean and am so green with envy that you are right there enjoying it. Love the RR, and all of your projects!

  11. A very busy and productive day especially in such hot weather xxx

  12. Isnt Sunday supposed to be the day of rest?
    Love your beach. Such perfect colours.
    I thought about becoming a builder and joining the construction crew but already being a painter, plasterer, chief cook and bottle washer was enough. I shall follow your building career with interest.

  13. love your next border and your houses. they look great!
    You did have a busy and productive day!
    Sad unpinning all that hard work.

  14. WoW! What a day but what I am most jealous of is that you can start it with a swim at the beach - must be heaven!

  15. Hello Maria,

    On the seventh day we are supposed to rest!!! Gosh you got heaps done,congrats. Love the loaf of bread.
    Happy Monday.

  16. Great way to start the day...great 'cave work'...LOL...

  17. My body might not have made it - but my spirit certainly was with you gals swimming together. How wonderful is that!!!!!!!!!!
    I would love to know what kind of bread that is?????? HINT HINT? : )

    Golly jeepers - does your day have more hours in it than ours do?????? It certainly Must due to all that you can accomplish in one day. That looks like a months worth of work.

    Those little houses are so cute, love the angel stitchery ,YOur round robin is awesome! You "lucky duck - I love your shower! We should "trade off " one day - you can have my snow and I will take your "paradise"! : -)

  18. There you go swimming in the middle of winter again :) It looks like so much fun!

  19. Maria, I love your houses, such pretty bright colors! The little teapot in the window makes you want to stop by and chat awhile. Sounds like you had a great Sunday - except the cleaning part..

  20. Your SHRR is turning out lovely. I really like it. It should inspire me to get busy on mine but...well, I have taxes to do. (Man is that an excuse or what!!??) I wanted to start on my little houses but forgot to bring the pattern with me to work. Oh well. Maybe tomorrow.


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