Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Part 2

After our visit to the Tunnel we returned to set up our camp at Windjana Gorge for the night.
002       006
In the morning we went for a walk along the gorge.
015     The Entrance.

Oh no they are everywhere.    
Just the most amazing rock formations and beautiful cool water.
022         023
Back to camp, pack up and on that road again.

Would you believe I could even sew a few Hexies along the bumpy track.
Arrived Fitzroy Crossing set up and DH even got a chance to wash off a little of the mud and dust.
044         045
 We had a great sleep and after brekkie it was off to see Geikie Gorge.   No walking today, it was a boat ride along the gorge.
005 010
022    028
there were tiny little bird’s nests under the edge of the huge over hanging rocks. Can you see them??
Oh Yes they are definitely everywhere
So pleased we were in the boat!!!!!
Had a nice relaxing afternoon. DH had a nana nap and I hand stitched as I watched Desperate Housewives on the laptop.
And on we go to Kununurra.


  1. It looks so beautiful! Sounds like you are having a wonderful time and even doing some quilting.

  2. I am really enjoying following along on your trip. Lots of hiking and water - great. I'll live without the crocodiles though.

  3. Beautiful-- Thank you for taking us with you!

  4. Well... you can keep the croc's that's for sure! But the rest was beautiful!

  5. What a great time you must be having, watch the crocs, don't let them get your stitching. Look forward to more photos......

  6. I agree with the other comments - looks like you are having a great trip, seeing lots if interesting sights. Glad you are managing to fit in some hand stitching on your travels -- you will have pleasant memories stitched into your work!

  7. Thanks for the virtual tour , very interesting , love those cliffs!

  8. Looks like a lovely boat trip along the gorge.

  9. How wonderful the pics were unreal i am so loving your trip,lol.Cant wait to show hubby these pics

  10. I guess you didn't get much swimming done...too many sharp teeth waiting. I love the little clay condominiums for the birds.

  11. O Maria!
    You are truly one of my heros! What wondrous things you are seeing and the courage to push to see them. I love it ALL -but the crocodiles!

    And all this good exercise you are getting ! I can hardly believe it - and your DH sharing this adventure ! How wonderful is that! You two are making a memory that neither of you will ever forget!

    I really enjoyed your "red" hexie!

    A boat ride ! How awesome! Did all of you have to wear a life jacket?

    Those rock formations with the white at the bottoms just took my breath away!Then I did it all over again with the beautiful colored rocks.Of course I Loved the little bird nests! Boy, they have a beautiful designer for their nests! lOL

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  13. Oh Maria, what wonderful pictures... so epaceful looking ... so wish I was there too.. have a brilliant time...
    Hugs Dawn x x

  14. oops...its not me making all the little mistakes with writing, its the 4yo DD on my knee type...he he
    Oh she loves the picture of the Home-a-van(caravan) as she calls them... he he
    Hugs Dawn x x


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