Tuesday, July 12, 2011

On The Road Again.

As we were leaving Tom Price to go to Port Hedland ( our overnight stop) it started to rain. Perfect day to sit and stitch while DH drove.

Passed lots of long trucks and trucks with trucks on.



We did  some shopping and then it was On the Road Again.

After hours on the bitumen we turned off the main road and went down a gravel track to  Eighty Mile Beach for our overnight stop. And the sun was shining. YEH!!

I was surprised to see so many campers there.


The beach is just gorgeous. I can see why it is called Eighty Mile.




Just what I needed a long walk on the sand.

Loved it.

Was looking forward to another long walk in the morning but it poured so missed out.
The track out was MUDDY!!!


I think our car and van need a wash.


Then it was On the Road Again. LOL
Arrived Derby about 4pm. Another long day.
 Will stay a few days. Need to do some washing and walking. We get car/caravan phobia so need to stretch the legs.


  1. Definitely muddy! Have you found any quilt shops in your travels?

  2. Looks like you are having a fun trip. Safe travels!

  3. Wow the size of those trucks!! And that mud!!! Just as well you aren't biking!! Glad to hear you're able to stitch while seeing the sights.

  4. Just a little bit muddy, wouldn't you say?

  5. I don't know which would be worse. Mud or dust! It's Mitchell's job to clean my car. I could imagine all the whining if that was my car! LOL

  6. O my goodness , what an adventure! Wow- what trucks! Do you know what they are carrying? And the land is so flat! People have always told me that if I moved away from the mountains I would miss them. I always thought they were full of "hooy'! If our land was flat I would not have fallen and broke my leg and shattered my ankle! I LOVE flat land!

    That beach is drop dead beautiful ! What are all of those "round circles" scattered over the beach? Is there really Eighty miles of beach?

  7. what an unreal trip i cant wait to show my hubby your pics as you are doing the trip he has always dreamed of,how exciting,i look forward to more pics

  8. Just a wee bit of mud Lol! Have fun in your travels, I look forward to hearing more about your journey!

  9. Great to travel along with you both! Keep the pic's coming! and EnJoY !

  10. So many tourists up there...I thought they were all in this li'l town this week! Have fun and enjoy Port Heddie

  11. It's wonderful to be able to follow your adventures - great photos.