Friday, July 22, 2011

Last Day and FNSI

As it is our last day before our return journey we decided to do a little more sight seeing around town.
The Hoochery where they make West Aussie RUM. You could smell the rum as soon as we walked in. Click here to read the interesting story.

We visited the “Zebra Gallery” for morning tea.

004            005
Lots of beautiful pieces craved out of the different stone.

We sat outside under the trees to have our coffee and homemade cake.


The locals were very friendly. They wanted to jump up on the table to try the cake too.

Back to the van for lunch and relax.

Tonight for FNSI I did not do any stitching.
Just cutting, gluing and winding threads ready to stitch more Hexies for The Vignette Hexagon Quiltalong. At last.


They should keep me busy stitching while travelling the 3000 odd kms home.


  1. What luscious fabrics and threads you've chosen. is it too late to get in on this one? Have a safe journey home.

  2. I love your soft colored hexies!

  3. Hi Maria. I love the colours you have chosen for the hexagons. So pretty! Have a safe trip back. Hugs, Christine

  4. Safe and happy travels home - and a few more adventures too I expect. Are you backtracking or can you travel home a different way?

  5. have a safe trip back home and this post is very interesting

  6. love those colours! Have a very safe trip home Xx

  7. hmmm, you are in trouble with my hubby ;) i just followed up on your post about the vignette hexagon quiltalong.....and had to buy the back issues of the mag of course :) he he. can't wait to see all of her gorgeous projects - so glad you brought it to my attention!
    so a thank you from me and a grrr from hubby - he he

  8. Love the hexies trip home...

  9. You've had a fantastic trip..... safe travels home and we will see a HUGE pile of hexies ....

  10. Hello Maria,

    Have a great drive back. Enjoyed looking at the places you visited.
    Happy days.

  11. I just cannot believe all that you have accomplished!Thank you so much for sharing with us! : )

  12. Safe travels! My husband thinks it is hilarious that I always have a "car project" at the ready. Yours is going to lovely.
    BTW, any trip the includes smelling rum is might fine in my books!

  13. Looks like you are having a great holiday! I, too, am starting the Vignette Hexies....need to prepare them for a long weekend trip coming up next weekend.

  14. I have been seeing a lot of these hexagons lately. Good project for a Friday night.

  15. I've followed your travels with interest- what a variety of places you have been to- something that my husband would like to do one day- enjoy your trip home and have fun with the hexagons.

  16. Cute Hexagons...sorry it's taken me so long to comment...had a trip down South....AGAIN. Happt travels on your way home.

  17. Maria, wish you didn't live half a world away...we'd sit and have coffee and cake I think! What a nice day.


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