Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Markets and Off Road Camping

As we were leaving Kununurra on Saturday I noticed lots coloured gazebos at the oval. The local markets, so just had to go.


Yes a stall with quilts and some fabrics.
 Finally I was able to buy a few fat quarters.

005      025

We drove till about 4pm and then found a beautiful spot in the bush to set up camp.


It was so peaceful and sunny in the morning to just sit and stitch before packing up.

We fuelled up like so many other travellers.
021   and it’s on the road again only stopping for the

occasional bathroom stop


morning tea and some lunch. As we drove along there was a huge bush fire going on for many kms.
023    027

For our second night of camping DH had to do a bit of bush bashing.
I am always amazed where DH takes our dear old van. This branch was stuck underneath.
It was a perfect spot next some beautiful Boab Trees
042      040
Lovely sunset.

As it is such perfect weather in this part of Aussie we decided to spend a few days in Broome before making our way home to the cold and rain.
Will post again tomorrow for One Flower Wednesday and show you what we are doing in Sunny Broome.


  1. so lovely and peaceful Mary

  2. It looks like such a fun adventure, Maria. I'll bet it is lovely to have no plans, but to be able to stop when you feel like it. Enjoy the warm, sunny weather while you have it.

  3. Great toilet stop Always very important to find the perfect spot

  4. Lovely pictures... sunsets and bush... how georgeous and no lights at night to dull the stars... I love the loo roll on the stick picture...

  5. Not long til' you're home again. Enjoy Broome...there'll be lots of people there.

  6. Thanks for sharing your trip with us. I love to see the sunshine and so would the people down south! lol!
    Keep on keeping on! :)

  7. I think you are off on an excellent adventure! I will be back tomorrow to see your flowers.

  8. How truly beautiful! Thank you so much for taking us along.

    Is that fire a good thing or bad?


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