Sunday, July 10, 2011

The Gorges part 2

Arriving at Karijini we drove to Fortescue Falls.  I climbed down the path into the Gorge to walk from there to Circular Pool. Some 1 1/2 kms away.

064  The Falls are around the corner but it was too slippery to walk on so could not get a photo.

Fern Pool along the Gorge.

Walking along the Gorge is just awesome.
To see photo better click to enlarge.

071       Brilliant Rock Formations
074     A narrow pillar.
Someone had built a small pyramid out of the stones
Then people just keep adding to it and built more.


Some of the stepping stones I had to walk over to cross ponds.
After 1 1/2 hours of walking, climbing up and over rocks I reached Circular Pool. It was just so refreshing to sit and relax before going UP.
Looking up from the pool. I knew that I had the last leg of my journey to do.
The ascent was not as easy as going into the Gorge. It was more vertical and I was getting tired.
 My walking friend Louise is always telling me “ To pick up my Teddy and keep going." I keep hearing her say it as I climbed up. I was delighted to see the top.

On our way home we looked at some of the other Gorge.
088   Kalamina Gorge

Knox Gorge         089

090     Joffre Gorge.

Hancock’s Gorge. This is were a brave young man gave his life to save a tourist.

100         096


  1. It sounds like the walk was well and truely worth it,Maria. Great photos and lovely memories for you of what you can achieve if you put your mind to it - I like your friend's saying!!

  2. whow Maria what great pics,i am loving your journey as i get to places that i proberly will never see,have a great day Maria

  3. Great photos Maria. Australia certainly has an amazing landscape!

  4. You are certainly having a great adventure, wonderful photos too.
    Happy traveling

  5. Ah you're bringing back memories. I stayed in the Eco Tents at Karijini back in 2008 - so beautiful. Well done on all of your climbing. It's tough but worth it!
    Ab x

  6. hi ma. glad u r having a great time. photos are amazing. the photos of jimmys memorial will mean alot to mick.lub alaways dd1

  7. Yikes, not only did you have to climb back up the gorge but lugging your camera too. Glad it's not huge!

  8. What beautiful pictures!
    That will be an experience to remember!

  9. Ihad to change 'ownership' of my blog and the blogs I followed had to be moved one by one.... I don't know how I missed yours and thougth you were quiet whilst travelling.... I have just spent almost an hour travelling with you..... AND I have refollowed!!


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