Monday, July 4, 2011

Fun was had by All

My friend Linda and I returned home from a wonderful weekend away yesterday evening.

Thursday we went to my DD2’s.  After spending time with the kids and a delicious meal DD2 made this for me.

An Artists hat. A must have for my costume as we were asked to wear something beginning with “A” to dinner Saturday night at the retreat.  Linda was also so busy making her costume. Can you guess what she went as ??


Friday morning we made our way to Toodyay.We called into many shops first. Had coffee and cake and then drove to our retreat.

034       A beautiful Homestead set in the hills surrounded by lovely gardens full of birds.

It was just so warm and cosy inside, many sat by the fire and enjoyed chatting.


Some even cut out and  stitched.

012   Linda and Jan.

Helen’s quilt is coming together beautifully. Hope she got it finished.


046  I did manage to start my “Catnip”.

stitch a few Hexies 
Also cut a a secret project to take along on our holiday
The girls all looked great in their “A” costumes on Saturday night.
There was an Angel, Artist, Airline Hostess,Annie Oakley, Aquarian , Axe Murderer, Athlete, Ann Princess, Agent, Apiarist, Applique , Agronomist, Aunts wearing aprons and  more.
On Sunday we even had two Birthday Girls.


some of the ladies were lucky to stay another night but we had to go home. Linda for work and me to pack this.


All hitched up ready to leave.



  1. The retreat looks wonderful and your catnip quilt is looking fabulous.

  2. yes Maria your catnip quilt looks great.
    And what a lot of fun with friends you had,glad you had a great time.

  3. Hi Mum,
    Retreat looked great fun and work was also done . Win, win.
    Love Hellen's quilt it is wonderful, love it.
    Well must go and pack myself. Love DD2

  4. Your retreat looks wonderful. I love the catnip quilt. I plan to make it too.

  5. That sounds like a good and very happy weekend, Maria :-)

    Thank you, for sharing the beautiful photos.

    I love your catnip quilt so much !


  6. So fun! That's the first really good picture I've seen where I could identify you. Enjoy your vacation. Someday I'd like to buy an RV and travel the whole USA. Will you have internet??

  7. what fun! Your catnip quilt is off to a great start. Happy Travels

  8. Looks like you all had a great time. Your catnip quilt is certainly coming alone. Have a safe trip. Enjoy yourself. Hugs, Christine

  9. Looks like it was a fantastic weekend of fun and sewing... love your quilt... where are you heading off to? and does that consist of a sewing room? xxx

  10. Looks like a fun retreat! Now out on the road and camping....have fun.

  11. Hi Maria, lovely fun on hols ...lucky you...enjoy...Regards, Lyn

  12. What a Wonderful Adventure was had by all! LOL

    Love , love that catnip quilt!

    I just left a comment on Sue's blog about your all's retreat. I asked her if the fire was just for the atmosphere or was it chilly. I bet she wondered where I picked that up! LOL Your fire made a big impression with me! They are so soothing to enjoy gazing into.

    Have a wonderful vacation!

  13. Ohh, didn't know you go caravaning too! We have a caravan and go away often for weekends, ans occasionally for longer trips when we can. Did you know we write a "travel blog" as well as my quilt blog?

  14. And a good time was had by all, catnip looking good.

  15. Hello Maria,

    Enjoy your time up north.
    Happy days.

  16. I guessed astrologist for your daughters costume...I was close! I love your artists hat....It is perfect for you!


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