Thursday, June 17, 2010

A walk around York part 2 / I did do some sewing!! part 3.

Early in the morning, when some of the smart ladies were still tucked in their warm beds, Three of us went for a walk. It was very cold but York is such a pretty place to wonder around.

 So sad that some of my photos did not work well.
Think my fingers must have been numb.

Later on  ( when it was warmer)
I went for a wonder along the river and over the wonky swing bridge.
Too my surprise I came across these??

Teepee's with the local Indians and all.
Even though we did a lot of chatting eating and some walking I did manage to get some of my projects done out of my basket.

 Two Stripy table runners for the No Strings Challenge
Xmas BOM

Also make a little Wonky Tree wall  

 Made these cards with my DD2 on Sunday night. Also for the Early Bird challenge.

PS.  Almost forgot. I put together some QAYG blocks which I hope to do more of for Friday Night Sew In this week.

Need to trim top 2.


  1. woohoo, its a lovely place, its been many years since I last went that way. The table runners and christmas tree are lovely up close. cheers Linda

  2. I love the strippy table runners. Very clever to use up the leftover fabrics from other projects!! Thanks for sharing with everyone!

  3. Oh those are some views! Your projects are so colorful! I bett, it's a joy working on them!
    I also love the cards you made!

  4. I love the wonky tree! so cute! & your picture of the bridge is lovely!

  5. Love the strippy table runners and the trees. Beautiful river! Looks like a lovely walk.

  6. The pictures are wonderful and your projects are just too pretty. I love the pastel runner.


  7. You are one busy person---love the picture of the lake.All those projects are great.L,H,and Smiles,Little Sister

  8. Wow Maria! You have been busy. I love the pastel strippy table runner.

  9. What pretty scenery!!! It looks like a great place to walk.

    The projects all look wonderful. Those cold little hands have been busy!

  10. Great work. Now don't stay up too late tonight stitching. We have a busy day tomorrow.

  11. Ok, I am thinking I should make a strip table runner......get me into the whole strip thing with an easy project....I love the cards and the wonky tree....I was admiring it on your blog header are having all kinds of fun!


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