Friday, June 25, 2010

Small Things!!

It seems that this has been a week when I made lots of small things.

Firstly a "Wee Owl" like my Spiky Owl.

 Made a bag and put a flower on the front. I would have liked to have had more petals but my fingers would not work and the cord keep snapping each time I pulled it tight.

Some weeks ago we had a dyeing day and I used some of
the pretty green to line the inside.

For the Early Bird Christmas Crafting challenge  I have made a scraf. Had fun knitting up the bubbley wool on very large needles.

But my favorite things I made this week were these.

Wee baby nighties for our new great grand baby  arriving in November.   How exciting is that!



  1. ooooh all wonderful little projects! & a new baby coming, how exciting is that? Those little nighties will be perfect.

  2. New baby--lucky you. A little one to spoil. Love all your projects, especially the bag with the jaunty flower.

  3. The baby nighties are darling and I love the bag! I joined the "Applique Swap" because you featured it on your blog. I am looking forward to this fun event. As always, thanks for sharing your projects!

  4. Loved your bag - and of course the owls. I love owls.
    I'm in the applique swap too - I'm looking forward to it.
    Congratulations on winning my giveaway. May you please email me with your address so I may pop in the post.

  5. congratulations, ooh looks like congratulations are in order twice, once for bubby and once for winning a giveaway....YAY!

  6. you have 2 girls already and this is your third, me too. we had 2 girls and were told by at the scan that we were having another girl.....but it was a boy. We are delighted. We would have loved having 3 girls too, but i love my boy. i tell you what its alot of work. i have had 4 and a half hours sleep tonight, i usually get a bit more than that but who wants to sleep when you could be making bread and blogging hey?

  7. Oh how sweet - your grandbaby is so lucky to have such a great family.

    I like the several smaller projects for awhile instead of one bigger one.

    Hugs - Marie

  8. A new baby always fun to sew for. Looks like you've had a very busy week.

  9. I love all the new goodies, especially the flower bag. I saw that flower tutorial on a blog recently and thought I'd like to give it a go too.

  10. It looks like you have been having fun there. Your owl looks fabulous as well as the cute bag with the flower.

    A new baby soo? How fun. I am sure the little nighties will be a welcome gift.

  11. Oh your sewing is nice Maria. Great to see one of your items being put away for Early Bird Christmas Crafting. Don't forget to let me know your total Mini Gifts for June. Challenge entries count....closing date June 29, midnight..."oz time"
    Kind Regards

  12. Oh my,a great grandbaby-how wonderful!!! Cute 'wee owl" and like the tote bag. The scarf looks like it will be warm! Smiles-Little Sister

  13. That bubbly wool is a teaser hard to get the fingers around the needlwe and the wool, Your scarf will be much appreciated ,


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