Sunday, June 27, 2010

Last projects for the "No Strings Attached" Challenge

 I would like to thank Stephanie from Loft Creations for running the challenge. I have had fun over the past six months making various items from my strips/strings.
They include pot holders, pin cushions, placemats, table runners, an ironing board cover, a bag and 2 QAYG quilts.

These are the last to add to the list.  I had trouble getting a good photo.

A Purse out of Salvage edges.

Loyality Card Holders.

A Pryamid Door Stop.


  1. You've got a great imagination. I love the pyramid doorstop!

  2. All great projects, Maria. I especially like that door stop.

  3. I'm with Shirleymac and Needled Mom...I LOVE that doorstop! So clever and really cute.

    Maria, will you put up one of the "Follow Me" thingys so I can follow you. If you already have one, I can't seem to find it!



  4. Me too on the doorstop. What did you fill it with? It's gorgeous. Love the loyalty card wallets as well. Lovely work.

  5. It's been my pleasure and I've love the enthusiasm from all of the participants. Fantastic final 3 projects. That pyramid doorstop is you have the inside "weighted" with something?

  6. OK - what is a loyalty card holder? I love all your products.

    Hugs - Marie

  7. WOW so clever and talented to think up uses for all the scraps.
    I cut up my scraps/strips last night into 5" long & 1.5" wide - now to come up with an idea.
    On my way to post office with your giveaway now xxx

  8. O Maria
    I certainly love your creations with the strings! I love them all but my favorite would be the little purse and the one that got my astonishment was the door catcher!Now , that was really an awesome thought that you birthed!

    Now, that you have pulled it off doesn't it kind of amazed you that you accomplished all of those most lovely ideas!!!!!!!

  9. Hello Maria, Just LOVE the door stop holder. I hope you have nailed it down. Happy Monday.

  10. Mary,
    all your ideas are gorgeous !

    love the door stop , with what you have filled it ?

    I`m thrilled

    love greetings

  11. These projects are great! Love the coin purse and card holder! They are fun! The door stop is great!


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