Thursday, June 3, 2010

Lovely Mail

When I went to collect my mail today I had a red and white card in the post box. OH!!!  a parcel.

 I wonder what it is??????     
From the USA.

When I opened it I was so excited as it was like Xmas. Not only was my beautiful "Embroidery Swap" in it but lots of little parcels, a gorgeous card with tulips.
Who had sent me this lovely parcel. Taa Daa!!!
Can you read it?? Yes it is from my blogging friend Janet. Thank you so much and what a beautifully stitched mini.

Look at all the goodies.Chocolate you just have to eat because there is a great message inside each one.Some stickers, a pen, cute book mark, a post card to show me where Janet lives and some wonderful charm squares which I will save to use in my Dear Jane. (When I start it)

And look Janet what I found tucked away in my cupboard. The perfect little hanger with bees and a honeypot to put your Mini on.


  1. Now this is a fine package with so much nice things in it! You really had a lucky "letter box day" :))

  2. What fun mail!!!! I can't believe you had the perfect hanger for it too.

  3. Hi Mary how nice to get such a lovely mail.
    That is surprising. The blogworld is beautifull with all the contacts all over the world.
    Big hugs dorine

  4. The hanger is lovely and a perfect fit! I'm so glad you like the package and all the extras. I had a hard time finding something, because I hadn't been shopping anywhere with fun stuff.

    When I found out who my swap partner was, I just laughed and laughed. Who ever would have thought it would be you?

  5. What fun to get such nice surprises in the mail! Enjoy your new goodies.

  6. Don't you just love a good parcel? And such great goodies! Lucky lady!

    PS Do you REALLY have 5 million rabbits?? That's a lot of bunnies!

  7. Now that's a lovely bundle of goodies! The hanger is just perfect too.

  8. it is beautiful......didnt you make her one too? I think I saw it on her scored girlfriend....gotta love that mail!

  9. Great surprises from your friend! Enjoy!

  10. What alot of wonderful goodies to get. You are the lucky one.


  11. O how wonderful to see that you got the experience of being on the receiving end~ You certainly deserve it for all the wonderful things that you do for others.
    Hugs, Linda

  12. Isn't it fun to get a package like that. It just makes my heart sing. I love your new banner.

    Hugs - Marie


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