Saturday, June 5, 2010

I'm In Again!!

I know ,I know I have said that I am not going to join in any more swaps or challenges for awhile. BUT after sitting on the fence I have joined other folk in  "Early Bird, Christmas Crafting" that Judith of Creative Studio organising .

So now I have to get a move on and make a journal cover and write my list.

Have a lovely Xmas box I can put my completed gifts in.


  1. I just can't think of Christmas yet. I am sure I will be sorry when December arrives that I didn't think about it earlier. ;)

  2. I joined too! I think I'll try to get my journal made today, and get that list started! Do we get to see your journal???

  3. Looks like a fun swap!
    Have fun!

  4. I joined too. Got the journal up and running and have added some gifts to make. Starting one today. Hope it turns out! I think this is a such a fun way to get organized. Maybe this will be the year I am ready for Christmas!

  5. Welcome to the "Club"!!! I do not have a journal made yet either---but am thinking about projects to do--sooo--time for some fun!!!

  6. Great idea. I looked at that one too and my mouse clicking finger itched but I overcame it finally. Finish those UFO's I said to myself.

  7. Hi Mum,

    I will be starting my Xmas crafts next week, when I will be showing some ladies some red work Xmas stitcheries.

    It will be fun.

    Love DD2

  8. you know I am obsessed with swaps too.....there are so many great ones!!!!


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