Wednesday, November 11, 2009

This and That

Today I stayed home to do some things that needed to be DONE.

First I pulled out some dead Acacia Bushes.

They are not very big but have a huge root system which takes a lot of pulling and chopping. I was very pleased when I completed the job.

After lunch I went into the sewing room and finished some swaps. Wrapped them and got them ready to take into town to catch the post.

Sorry cannot show you as the recipient may read this blog!!!


  1. Acacias sound like junipers. We've pulled out a few using a chain and truck 'cause otherwise it takes way too long to dig 'em out. Congrats on getting them out.

  2. Pulling those Acacias out is hard work Maria...good to get them out before they get too big.
    Julia ♥


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