Monday, November 9, 2009

Busy Weekend

I have had a busy weekend as it was the Lobster Festival Saturday and the Blessing of the fleet on Sunday.

On Saturday I went on the Fun Run (I walked) from Granny's Beach into town about 5kms.It was lovely to see families and younger folk take part.
 This was some of the view as we made our way into town.
I did take many photos but lost them when trying to download, sob!
After having a cool drink and some yummy watermelon we went and looked at all the stalls at the market.
Later we had morning tea and then watched the belly dacning. Don't think I would look very good in the sheer costumes like they wore.
Later in the evening our group from The Patch Club went to give the children from camp quality a quilt each. We were invited to join them for a special tea.

Sunday was another beautiful day. Lousie and I went for a walk along the beach and then went to see the boats for the Blessing of the Fleet. There were some very unusal cray boats. Decorated with balloons, trees and flags. There was music playing form each one and people dressed to match the theme of the boat they were on.I am sure a good time was had by all.


  1. We seem to be suffering from the same "took pictures but lost them syndrome"! Sounds like a fun weekend.

  2. He he he thought your post said blessing of the FEET...It made sense to me since you'd been on a fun run :)
    A re-read and I sorted it out.
    It must have been wonderful to be able to give your quilts straight to the kids - how rewarding!
    Abbe :)


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