Thursday, November 5, 2009

Special Day

I had just the best day today. It was my birthday and I got lots of phone calls,flowers,birthday e-mails and gifts from family and friends.

DH flowers

A surprise visit from my DD1and partener. After they left DH went into town and returned with a huge cardboard box.What is inside??????
WOW!!!!More beautiful flowers. Seems my DD1 had them sent as they were going to come on the motor bike and as Jo said " It is a little hard to carry flowers" Later DH and I went out for a lovely lunch.
Now there was only one LITTLE thing to spoil my day. A BEE. When I walked on the lawn he stung my little toe. I am sure if someone that big stood on me I would bite them too!!


  1. Happy Birthday to you! That silly Bee! Didn't he know it was your special day? Sorry he got you!

  2. Happy, happy birthday. I guess the bee was trying to make your birthday memorable.....after all, you did get all those lovely flowers of his!!!!

  3. Happy Birthday Maria, sorry that bee bite you, hope the rest of the day was wonderful..
    Julia ♥

  4. Happy Birthday for yesterday. Lovely flowers. Hope you enjoyed the day and that your toe is feeling better.

  5. Ouch poor toe. But just think the bee gave her life for you. The ultimate birthday sacrifice.
    The flowers are great...Blue is soooo romantic!

  6. Happy happy happy birthday!!!
    I hope you've had a ball as well as some champagne.
    Eat some cake for me.
    Abbe :)

  7. Happy birthday Maria!!!

    I hope you had a marvelous time with your family! What beautiful flowers! I hope your toe is feeling better now.

    Hugs and warm wishes! Vikki xoxo

  8. Happy Birthday Maria!!Seems you passed a lovely one with family! Isn't our special day wonderful!!!Well Scorpions trump bees so of course he died when he bit you... hahaha!!Hope it is all better come on give.. what is in that huge box!?!?!?!?!
    Birthday Hugs!!!

  9. Beautiful! Happy belated birthday to you!

    Jennifer :)

  10. Happy belated B-day!

    Looks like you got lots of flowers! Enjoy them!


  11. Glad you had a good day even with the bee. Flowers look great!!

    I like your kookaburras, they will be beautiful!


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