Saturday, November 21, 2009

Friday Night Sew-In

Hello Ladies this is what I finished last night.
I went to a workshop by Lisa Walton called
 "Breaking the Drought" in May 2009.

I am pleased to say I have completed the
top.NOW it needs to be sandwiched and

So happy I managed to post this before my
computer goes back to the doctor later this morning.

Must away to bed as it is 12.47AM.

Oh Just realised it is my 50th POST.


  1. It looks great! Where will you use it?

    Congratulations on hitting 50.

  2. I love it Maria...looks great!
    Congrats on getting in 50 posts...onto the next 50!
    Julia ♥

  3. Your drought quilt is gorgeous. I didn't realise it was so blue and I love it. 50 posts needs a celebration. How about a coffee together soon?

  4. I have always loved that quilt. I like the colours you used too. I have a kit here from lisa walton for another one of her quilts ( aurora perhaps) but it is smaller - must get around to it. A new year's resolution maybe.

  5. Congratulations on reaching 50 posts!
    The quilt top looks great. I really love the colour combos.

  6. Taht quilt looks great. i love Lisa Waltons classes-certainly stretches the skills.
    Congratulations on the 50th post.

  7. Oh I love the quilt and I just loved having the sew in. I didn't accomplish as much as others but did some.

  8. I love your quilt! I enjoyed the sew-in also! It is so good to make new friends.

  9. My first visit to your blog. Hello from Michigan!! It was fun doing the sew-in. I love your quilt. Did you do the lines through some of the squares or is that in the fabric?

  10. The quilts is beautiful! I love the colors.

    Congrats on your 50th post!


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