Friday, November 27, 2009

Row By Row

Tonight I went to Patch or should I say last night as it is after midnight. It was very exciting as we handed over our row by rows. It is seven months since we started and passed on the first row we did.Over the next six months each of the ladies in the swap worked diligently and secretly on each row.Once a month we would hand over the bag to the next person.Of course we had show and tell. The lady who owned the row we were showing had to leave the room.We would all ooohh!!! and aahhhh!! as we admired each row. It was all a lot of  fun and also stress when the right fabric could not be found.I am overwhelmed with my rows and the ladies did such a great job. Thanks again to all. I LOVE IT.
I started with the wonky fence row,which looks rather plain now against all the beautiful appliqued rows. Maybe I need to put something on it.I just love the tulips and the windmill as I am a little Dutch girl.The yellow fat birds sitting on the branches.All the different birdhouses,big,small and wonky.The trees, stars and pinwheels all wonderful. NOW how do I put it together???? I think I will sleep on it.
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