Thursday, November 26, 2009

Comings and goings

I was very excited yesterday to receive TWO quishies in the mail.
 This is my Summertime Swap Mini Quilt. My partener interperts summer by the sun raising behind Stonehenge. She has called the quilt " Summer Solice" Very interesting!!

Second parcel was my Asian Cobblestone Swap. I am always surprised at how many different fabrics there are in the same theme.Will have to put on my thinking cap to work out a quilt with these lovely blocks.
Tomorrow I will be putting another parcel of hexagons in the mail to go to Queensland.A group of ladies are putting a HUGE quilt together.It is for the Hexagon Challege. They hope to get into the Guiness Book of Records for the largest hexagon quilt in the world.


  1. Love the Asian swap! How did I miss that one??????

    The hexs are great too. That will be one huge quilt.

  2. I love the look of those Cobblestone blocks, that would have been a great swap to be in..perhaps we could do one next year..
    Julia ♥

  3. Looks like there's another cobblestone swap coming up.
    Lucky you to get two parcels in exchange for one.

  4. Love the look of those Asian fabric blocks. They'll come together really nicely. Let me know if you need more fabric to go with it. I have HEAPS of asian fabric left over from Jo's quilt.
    Ab :0)


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