Friday, October 9, 2009

This and That!!

Today I went for the first swim for the season. As it was only 9deg cel. on the verandah when I left home I was not too sure if I really wanted to go. When I arrived at the car park there were only two other ladies brave( or should I say silly) enough to go. After walking down the board walk chatting and then filling our buckets with water we took the plunge. OOOHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!         
 It was freezing at first,took my breath.After swimming a lap and keeping our arms and legs moving we warmed up. Stayed in for about half am hour then wrapped up in our towels, washed our feet and off home

In my mail box today there was a little card. This means I have a parcel to pick up. Could it be my" Summertime Mini  quilt Swap"? Or the little "Friendship Bag" ?  No it was my "Strawberry Freddo" cobblestone swap.
They look good enough to eat!!!
On arriving home I saw something move along the lawn. On closer inspection it was this little guy " A Blue Tongued Lizard" Now I know it is getting hotter when they came out of hibernation. Will have to watch for the other things with NO legs.


  1. Hello, You certainly have been busy on the sewing front.You are so brave to go swimming. The trouble for me is getting in the water quickly. Lizards are great I agree with you it is those OTHER one's I am petrified of. Have a great week sewing.

  2. The cobblestone blocks are luscious. Makes me want to make something in pink and brown.

    Thanks for all of your comments on my blog. I can't email you back because you don't have your email enabled in Edit Profile.

  3. Ooh I just love the quilt blocks! Your sand is so much whiter than our central QLD sand, but we get a lot of things from the Great Barrier Reef washing up on shore, so it's a goldmine for shells!
    I own a blue tongue! Her name is Buffy and she is the best pet ever! You wouldn't believe how much personality these little guys have!
    Don't worry about the snakes. Just walk a little heavier when you're in longer grass and they'll feel you coming and slide away. And pythons are totally harmless anyway! In fact, they make great pets as well! lol
    Hugs! Manda.


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