Monday, October 26, 2009

Round Robin "08"

Last year our club ran a round robin.                                     
Each of us made the centre block and           

then passed our bag on to the next lady
not to be seen by the owner till the end.
I made the last row on each of these  tops.

Every one was very challenging and so different from the last.
After months of swapping and secrecy all was reviled.
Taa Dah!! my beautiful colourful top has arrived and I am thrilled with it.


  1. What fun and yes all so different. I do love your bright top. I think the two blue borders with 'fish' on them really lift it.

  2. What fun! It must have been so exciting to see it return to you.

  3. Wow those rainbow flying geese are good. What about that gorgeous Christmas themed one too. That needs to be quilted by some one extra special.

  4. All of them are great. You work a lot!!


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