Wednesday, October 28, 2009

" L Plates"

A few months ago I bought myself a new machine.As the other one was nearly 40years old I have to learn to drive the new one. It has this magic attachment called a BSR unit. I think it is like cruise control on your car. Both drive themselves when put into operation. NO FOOT control it just goes. WOW it is lucky I have an " I Spy" quilt to practise on.                     

I must keep my fingers out of the way as they wil be under the magic foot in no time.                                                                


  1. I love the BSR addition to the Berni*nas. I wish mine had it.

  2. Wow that is really cool! Keep those pinkies out of the way though!!!!
    Ab :)

  3. I have to save for buying myself one of this, my friends who have the BSR say it´s wonderful.


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