Monday, October 12, 2009

Red Hatters and Quilts on Parade.

Our group was invited by the Northampton ladies to join them in the parade for the Airing of the Quilts.

On arrival we meet up with other groups from Geralton and went for a walk along the street to look at the quilts.There were also beautiful quilts hang in different halls.
Then it was time to all gather in the park for the parade where we joined a
 group that had travelled from Perth to join us. They all looked very elegant in thier PURPLE wigs.

We climbed into an old truck. The driver very kindly had a little ladder for us. We were having such a good time singing and waving at the crowd I did not get many photos.           

After the parade was over we stayed in the truck and
got a lift back up the hill but a few of the more bold ladies that had to walk got a lift!!! Then it was time for us to have a cuppa. More chatting and laughter and then time for us to go home. A great day was had by all.




  1. Are you sure it wasn't you in that police car Mary?
    Seriously I'm glad it was a great day.

  2. Sounds like you had a great day. Thanks for sharing

  3. Maria, hope you day is going well. A package is on its way to you.

  4. looks like agreat day was had Maria..
    Wish i could have made it up to see you all..
    Julia ♥


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