Monday, November 7, 2022

FnwFs at SAHR......

My FnwFs started off a fabulous weekend for me as our Patch club was having one of our SAHRs as well as my DD coming up from the big smoke to join I sewed along with all my favorite sewing friends...
After unloading the car and chatting to all I set up the machine and worked on the Aussie Hero blocks for this month

when my DD arrived, we sat and talked till it was time for us to set up for dinner. Our weekend is fully catered and there is a roster for us to have turns at setting the table and loading the dishwasher. ours was for Friday night.

DD and I went home about 9pm and when we returned Saturday morning it was to find these sprinkled all over my table and machine. Later there was even a cake with candles and the girls all sang "Happy Birthday" It was like being a kid again and I loved it.

I did finally get those blocks made 

then in between morning tea, lunch, afternoon tea, dinner and socialising I managed to work on my longgggggg term project the Wedding Ring Quilt.

both DD and I were ready for home and bed by 8.30pm... we returned Sunday morning in time for morning tea ( a delicious sponge cake with cream) and afterwards I sat and stitched the EPP onto my La Passacaglia project,

while DD continued to work on her "BLUE BOHO" heart ....

She is very happy with the progress she made over the weekend as the flimsy nearly done.

It was a full fun filled weekend , big thank you to all....

I'm sorry to the lovely ladies who left a comment on my last post and I haven't  replied , blogger isn't sending some comments through to my emails.. Hope it works this time...

Must away and put the vegies on for our roast....

Hugs  Maria❤ .


  1. What a great way to spend a birthday - Happy Birthday! What a lovely weekend you had working on great projects and that heart is gorgeous. xx

  2. Happy birthday! It looks like such fun. The RW&B blocks are so pretty. That Boho heart is gorgeous. It’s on my bucket list.

  3. Happy Birthday--and I am glad you had fun, got sewing projects worked on and that you have a daughter that shares your love of fabrics and quilting!
    And blogger hasn't put any of my blog comments in my email in weeks--so I have not been sending thank yous, ect either--so thanks for your comments--
    hugs, di

  4. Happy Birthday. What a way to spend the day. Your DD's Boho Heart is beautiful. You have some great projects happening too. How much more of La Passacaglia do you have to do?

  5. Happy Birthday, you spent it doing what you love!

  6. Happy birthday and what a great way to, friends and sewing.

  7. How amazing to have time to be on retreat and have fun sewing with your daughter. Wow that was early for you. Lots of great sewing for you.

  8. Looks like you had a fabulous weekend and what a lovely way to celebrate your birthday! Happy belated birthday from me too! Hugs Christine xx

  9. Happy birthday Maria. What a wonderful way to celebrate. Xx

  10. Happy birthday (very late, sorry). Sound like a wonderful weekend of sewing and friendship.

  11. This is such a happy post with a birthday too! By the way, love your blog background. It makes me think I should consider a makeover on mine.
    Your daughter's heart quilt is so so pretty! I do favor blues.
    My favorite though is your EPP. It is so visually stunning!

  12. A very belated happy birthday to you! That's how birthdays should make you feel -- like a kid again. How nice to sew with DD. You both made beautiful progress. Keep going on that Wedding Ring quilt. The blocks look gorgeous!

  13. Happy Late Birthday - what a great way to celebrate - especially with your daughter coming up to join in the fun - love her boho heart . . I have the pattern - maybe one day Ill get to it.

  14. Belated congratulations from me too! It seems like you had a lovely time, and all your blocks are great.

  15. Wonderful post, your retreat sounded really good and you got lots done. Your daughters quilt is wonderful. Very belated Happy Birthday too!!

  16. Happy Birthday to you, great that you can share stitching time with your daughter, and love her quilt!


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